Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Place For Everything...

A reader recently asked (on my Facebook Wall) if I'd written or photographed anything about how I organize all my cutters. I have taken photographs, but I think the only ones I ever posted are the ones of my sandwich cutter drawer - since I'm so in love with all my Lunch Punches! And since it would probably take less time to just take new pictures than to search through the 10, 000 or so photos on my macbook looking for the old ones, that's what I did :)

My Lunch Prep & Storage Station
Ha ha, Sailor Boy would laugh if he heard me call it that! I don't, I'm just being silly :) That's kind of what it is though...  Anyways, here's the corner of our kitchen where I keep my lunch-making supplies:

The cupboard above holds all our containers and muffin tins. Also the shaker of Fruit Fresh and packets of Lunchbox Love notes. There are a few things not pictured (at least one Easy Lunchbox, and a blue Sassy box for sure)  because I took the photos in the middle of the day on a school day ;) 

ETA : In case anyone was curious, the papers affixed to the door are the school's hot lunch menus & lunch money account online access info :)

The little green cutting board on the counter goes on top of the tackle box of mini cutters & picks in the drawer below the pull-out cutting board. That drawer also holds my muffin cups, egg molds, and various mini cutters and small tools. I keep Post-It notes in there too - sometimes I'll stick a note on a container at night to remind myself the next morning what I planned to pack in it. It can be pretty hectic at our house in the morning; I don't have time to stare at an empty container wracking my brain about what to put in it!

Ah, my sandwich cutter drawer. Mostly Lunch Punches ♥
I can't wait to add the new Sweet set!

This pic is from this older post, but I forgot to take a side shot, and you have to see this drawer from the side. The tiered shelves were meant for spice jars, but I repurposed them :)

Cookie cutter drawer! I bought Wilton's 101 Cookie Cutters set, and with the ones I already owned, that adds up to a lot of cookie cutters. Storing them loose would make finding the one I need a waking nightmare, so I sorted them into categories and bagged them into labeled Ziplocs.

I rotate the bags so those most appropriate to the season are on top. It also helps that the Wilton cutters are somewhat color coded - the Hallowe'en cutters are all orange, spring & Easter shapes are yellow, numbers are blue, etc - so it's really easy to find the one I need, and quickly - as long as my husband put it back in the right bag if he did the dishes!

Lastly, our Built NY Gourmet Getaway neoprene lunch totes and our Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp cups.  There were several of each out in use when I took this pic. We also have an EasyLunchbox cooler bag, which Bella had at school.

So there you have it, my super organized lunch stuff storage system :) If only I could keep the rest of my house in such order!


  1. WOW! I wish I had that kind of room for my supplies. Very nice :)"HONEY... we need to move to a new house with a BIGGER kitchen :)"

  2. HOLY MOSES! This is amazing!

    I have a drawer for all my containers, but my ever growing cookie cutters/picks/cups collection is where I need help. That's one of my projects while I'm off work over the holidays. :)

    Thanks for sharing! VERY impressive!

    @Corey - I need a bigger kitchen too. lol

  3. OMG. PLEASE come over and completely redecorate and organize my house! Mine is actually pretty nice but I'm in LOVE with yours!

  4. Oh, and I just noticed that your kitchen walls and bento tools coordinate with your blog background... That's genius. Just too pretty!

  5. Oh, my goodness!!!! I love this! So inspirational. I have two drawers and the bottom part of a lazy susan in my cabinets. I could definitely be MUCH more organized! In fact, I have a spare tackle box right now that I'm going to use for mini picks, mini cutters and stray baran papers, thanks to you!

  6. I love this! This is what I am aiming for!

  7. Very organized! So many supplies!!

  8. how organized! and you do have loads of cutters!

  9. Thanks everyone :)
    @Beverly, I can't take credit for the tackle box idea, I got that from Wendolonia! http://wendolonia.com/blog/2011/09/06/bento-box-basics-supply-storage/

  10. OH my gosh, this is AMAZING!!!! I am really evaluating my cupboard space to see what I can improve with your ideas! How wonderful of you to post these for us! Very very sweet!

  11. I do that with my cutters too, but put in thin cardboard inserts (put those stupid political mailers to good use!) so the cutters can lay flat in a single layer and I can see them all at a glance. The bags can also stand upright, so I keep them in a basket in my cupboard and can easily flip through them (like we used to do with our record collections... anybody? Ok... like CDs then?)

  12. I'm crazy jealous of your storage space. Our kitchen is *tiny* and I don't have a cupboard to spare, so I have to use a free-standing shelf and baskets.

  13. Heheh, @Ludicrous Mama, I still have records :)

  14. My lunch supplies used to look this nice and organized...and then my littlest guy learned to open the child locks on the drawers. It's a constant mess now.

    I bet your Lunch Punches are really nice and comfy in that big spacious drawer. :)

  15. Good gracious that's a lot of cookie cutters.

  16. Amazingly organized. I have a big cabinet of stuff and probably close to 150 cookies cutters. I LOVE cookie cutters.


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