Monday, November 28, 2011

Bento Lunch #72

Lots of leaves to munch in today's lunch :

Satsuma orange, mmm, do I love these! They're great for lunches since they're so easy to peel, and seedless too! Some cheddar cheese, carrots and apples cut in leaf shapes with Wilton mini cookie cutters - and I broke the oak leaf one on the carrots, boo :(  Under the cheddar maple leaves is a mini muffin cup full of raisins, and for a treat, 2 leaf butter cookies and a maple sandwich cookie - they are Bella's new favourite. They taste like pancakes and syrup in a cookie - yum!

The boys took cereal & milk. We're out of bread and they like having breakfast for lunch so it's all good :) Oh, plus a satsuma orange for Beanstalk, but not for Pickle. I still haven't had any luck getting him to eat any fruit not hidden in a muffin. Oh wait - he did try pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving, that I made with real pumpkin, so there's hope!

Notice my the countdown ticker at the top of the right column? It's counting down until my first giveaway! Make sure you visit my blog December 1st - I promise you, I'm giving away something sweet!


  1. Love the color and beautiful fall lunch! :)

  2. Love all the leaves!!! And great idea for the milk container :)
    PS... the countdown looks GREAT!

  3. Love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. Just wondering how do you cut carrots with a cookie cutter? They always look so great.

  4. Thanks Tracey! Usually I cut fat carrots into medallion-like slices and then use a metal cookie cutter on them, but this time I didn't have a carrot wide enough for the cutter I wanted to use so I cut it in half lengthwise, then with the flat side on the counter, cut into the round side - and broke my cookie cutter! Oops! I guess I do need to get some actual vegetable cutters!


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