Monday, March 16, 2015

Rainy Day Monday Rainbow Bento

It's a rainy Monday, but the sun is trying to shine! I packed a little rainbow in Bella's EasyLunchbox. A grey day needs a colorful lunch :)

That rainbow condiment cup is one of my favourites :) I filled it with Chef Kidd's Honey Berry Funagrette. Her colourful lunch also contains:
  • baby carrots, one skewered in a heart shape (here's how)
  • Girl Scout cookies! Do-si-dos,  the peanut butter sandwich ones
  • celery sticks to dip in the rainbow cup
  • English cucumber slices planted with flower picks
  • Babybel cheese with a flower cut out of the wax
  • & turkey & cheddar on wheat, cut in hearts with Sweet Bytes
I also packed a sunny yellow cloth napkin from Beneficial Bento.

Some of the tools & accessories I used:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cat in the Hat Pocket Cracker Snack

Here's a little pocket-size bento snack with a Cat in the Hat theme :)

Pocket size Cat in the Hat cheese, pepperoni. & cracker snack

It's a stack of Triscuit crackers topped with pepperoni sticks & string cheese cut & arranged like the famous Cat's hat, packed in a tiny bento box for Sprout to carry in her pocket. This snack was so tightly packed right up to the lid that it was still a perfect hat when she opened & ate it :)

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