Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bent On Better Lunches' Top 13 of 2013

These aren't my Top 13 most popular posts of 2013 - they're my personal Top 13 of 2013 :)  I chose a favourite from each month, plus my favourite post of the year . Ok so I also snuck in some runners-up ;)

This Alice in Wonderland themed muffin tin lunch was so much fun to make, and part of a fantastic link party itself.

It was a tough choice between this and the Pac-Man video game themed lunch I made this month, but those little melon stars won in the end :)

I love that every section of this PlanetBox fits the racing theme, from the checkered flag apple to the NASCAR Ritz crackers - and it's fun :)

April Rex Manning Day!
One of the things I like most about these colourful lunches is that the girls loved them even though neither have seen the movie Empire Records, heh!

May Live Long & Prosper Star Trek Lunch
Trekkie that I am, I've made more than a few Star Trek lunches, but this is my favourite. And the rest are linked to within ;)

June Gnome Lunch!
No special reason for this one - I just like gnomes!

July Stop For Lunch
Bella helped me make the melon balls for this lunch, and I finally shared the bento I made for the Cooking with Trader Joe's: EasyLunchboxes cookbook!

I love this post for several reasons: the cool ThrifTee Gear bag, the Sherlock lunch, my Minecraft lunch cameo, and the hidden Doctor Who reference :)

September ~ How To Train Your Dragon
This wasn't the most creative (Roald Dahl Day) or crafty (Princess Bride) lunch of the month, I just really loved how the "dragon egg" turned out!

October Despicable Me Minions Lunch
The sproutlets love the minions! And I had fun making one from a Twinkie :)

Most of November's posts were guest lunches made by my dear BBF while I took a stay-cation to welcome my Sailor Boy home from deployment (thank you!) so I only had a handful of lunches made by me to choose from. This K-9 bento that my littlest Whovian helped make was an easy choice.

Yes, it's Doctor Who again! It was really hard to narrow this month's lunches down to one favourite! It came down to a contest between the cute (Tooth Fairy), the Christmassy (Santa Yumbox), & the geeky... so I went with the one that has all those elements :)

And My Favourite Post of 2013It's Your Anniversary, Charlie Brown!
Besides the fact that I've been a huge Peanuts fan since always, I just love how each one turned out. Especially Charlie Brown's cheese T-shirt :)

Happy New Year!


  1. Awesome collection! Happy New Year!

  2. My favorite is your Super Mario Brothers lunch but they all look great!

  3. Awesome!!! Happy New Year!

  4. Love them all. Have to go with Rex Manning Day for the win ;) Empire Records is my favoruite movie of all time! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. They are all awesome! I love the Charlie Brown one as well!! Happy 2014!

  6. These are amazing, Cristi! Minions are by far my fave. Looking forward to more of your creativity this year.

  7. Your lunches are always amazing, inspirational, and so fun! Looking forward to what the New Year brings!

  8. Your lunches are always so colorful and yummy looking! Happy New Year!


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