Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man Lunch!

Just so we're clear - the lunch was not amazing - but with help from some Marvel-ous accessories it became an "Amazing Spider-Man" themed lunch :)

Pickle hasn't wanted me to get creative with his sandwiches lately - he doesn't want any of the sandwich to be missing, not even the crust! So I've been making his plain lunches more fun with cupcake decorations, cookie stamps, Lunchbox Love notes, & other accessories:

For this lunch I used a Spider-Man cupcake liner (inside out so the comic side shows) so he uncovered the superhero when he ate his Oreos, topped his yogurt with star sprinkles, & stamped Spidey's face on his sandwich.

I stuck a Spider-Man cupcake pick in the end of the wrapped string cheese - I like how it looks like Spidey is crawling down it :) And finding a blue & red Lunchbox Love note that said "have an amazing day" was serendipitous!

Thanks to my friend Kendra for the Spidey spoon. With the Spider-Man ice pack, red BUILT bag, & blue lidded EasyLunchbox, everything matched.

I like when stuff is matchy :)  Here's some of the stuff I used for this lunch:

The BUILT bag isn't available in solid red anymore but we have several in different prints, love them - they are insulating, machine-washable, & fold flat. The Marvel cookie cutters are hard to find which is probably why they are priced so high... and the blue cup I packed the yogurt in is one of my favourites - aside from being just the right size for snacks & easy to open, it has a leak-proof seal & it fits perfectly in the EasyLunchbox!

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  1. Love it! I totally forgot I had sent that! His lunch looks AMAZING!


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