Friday, May 30, 2014

Colourful Garden Lunches

Here are a couple of colourful EasyLunchboxes I packed for Sprout & Birdie. They were kind of inspired by the pretty floral print wax paper I used in them :)


Birdie likes elephants so I added an elephant bento pick to her leftover homemade pizza (that she helped make). Since she likes her pizza warmed up I lined that section with wax paper so the lunch helper could easily lift it all out to microwave it. In the smaller compartments she has grapes & cantaloupe embellished with silicone flower & butterfly bento picks. 

Sprout ate all her pizza so no leftovers for her. She has ham rolls secured with silicone butterfly & leaf picks, raspberries, cheddar cheese cut with a flower vegetable cutter,  pistachios, & a granola bar. The granola bars come 2 in a packet, but she typically only eats 1 so I wrapped it in a sheet of wax paper to keep it from getting soggy. The spork is for the berries.

Both bentos have colourful silicone cups - fluted, flowers, hearts, & crimped.


Most of the bento accessories I used can be purchased at BentoUSA :) Bento Products

Monday, May 19, 2014

Frozen lunch! Do you want to eat a snowman?

Disney's Frozen bento Lunch with cheese Olaf snowman
"Olaf!" Birdie exclaimed as soon as she opened her Yumbox. "He has a carrot nose!" Yes, as soon as I saw the bag of teeny tiny "petite" baby carrots* at the grocery, I knew they would be perfect for an Olaf the Snowman nose.

Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman bento school lunch in Yumbox
Birdie's preschool lunch is packed in Yumbox and contains:
  • apple slices on a snowflake cupcake pick
  • plain yogurt with a little blue sanding sugar swirled into it, topped with snowflake cupcake sprinkles
  • honeydew melon balls 
  • Kellogg's Disney Frozen fruit snacks in Anna & Elsa packet**
  • Ritz crackers (the last of the limited winter snowflake shaped ones, specially saved for a Frozen lunch)
  • stack of cheese slices & carrot styled as Olaf the snowman 

To make Olaf, I cut a slice of cheese into quarter-sized circles, stacked them, and skewered them on a pair of eyes bento pick. I cut a square of cheese for his tooth and wedged a tiny petite carrot between the tooth and the eyes. Birdie was easily able to pick up the whole stack of cheese by the eyes and pull the slices off the pick to top her crackers with them :)

Disneys Frozen  Olaf the snowman made of cheese bento lunch

Some of the stuff I used to make this lunch:

* Grimmway Farms Petite carrots are baby finger sized versions of peeled baby carrots. In case you've heard any not so nice things about bagged baby carrots, here's an informative post from Lisa of 100 Days of Real Food: The Truth About Baby Carrots

** The Kellogg's Disney Frozen fruit snacks had Anna & Elsa on the box but only 6 of the packets in the box of 10 had Anna & Elsa on them. 2 pictured Ariel, Snow White & Cinderella, and 2 pictured Rapunzel, Belle, & Aurora. The fruit snacks in the packets were a mixture of Frozen & other Disney Princess shapes. This has been the case with all the Disney Princess fruit snacks I've purchased, which you might want to keep in mind if buying fruit snacks for goody bags to match a party theme, for example.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friendly Critters

Friendly food picks & colourful baking cups brighten a simple lunch:

Sprout's Yumbox contains:
  • raspberries
  • honey ham rolls
  • Ritz Spring crackers
  • Granny Smith apple chunks
  • & a crunchy granola bar

Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday


Stuff I used to make this lunch:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hulk PlanetBox Lunch

My middle-schooler Beanstalk surprised me by asking if I would pack him lunch! A rare request. I couldn't resist making it just a little bit fun:

He chose what went into his PlanetBox - grapes, Halo oranges, pistachios & a peanut butter sandwich - then I used one of my Marvel Comics cookie cutter stamps, green & purple silicone muffin cups, and a Marvel Heroes cloth napkin to give it an Incredible Hulk theme :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Halfway to Homecoming Military Kid Lunch

We've just passed the halfway point of Sailor Boy's deployment, yay! We read one of our favourite deployment comfort books which inspired me to make Bella a "Daddy loves you" lunch with a cucumber deployment chain:

Military Kid When Dad's At Sea Storybook Lunch
A deployment chain is a paper chain that some military families make when their loved one deploys, to count down the days left until homecoming.  

When Dad's at Sea, by Mindy Pelton tells the story of a Navy family about to be separated by deployment, and the ways they cope.

One of the fun things they do is make a paper chain with a link for each day the Dad will be away, and hang it on the wall so the little girl can take off a link each night and see she's one day closer to her family being together again! The story's filled with great ideas for staying close during separation :)

Military Kid When Dad's At Sea Storybook Lunch

Bella's EasyLunchbox is packed with a cucumber chain representing the deployment chain in the book,  cheese-filled tortilla secured with a long heart cocktail pick, tomato with anchor pick, cantaloupe balls with hugs & kisses, & a Lunchbox Love note, all to remind her that her Daddy loves her. 

Military Kid When Dad's At Sea Storybook Lunch
Now that we are looking forward to Sailor Boy's homecoming, we've started shopping for welcome home gifts for him.  I got us a pair of mugs from Say Please, the folks who make our Lunchbox Love notes - aren't they sweet?

Say Please mugs

The sproutlets are full of ideas for presents for Daddy - my favourite so far is signing him up to play hockey with his favourite NHL team,  the Detroit Red Wings, haha! They're sure he would be great - they're so proud of him :)  
Here are Beanstalk & Bella a few years ago, ready for their school's Dress As Your Hero Day. They dressed as their Dad 

My Navy Kids dressed as their Hero, Daddy

I'm so proud of them, and their Dad!

By coincidence, today happens to be Military Spouse Appreciation Day! 
I've been getting lots of thanks for all I do for my Sailor, and I'd like to say the same to all my fellow spouses, to my parents, and to our extended families and community too, who hold us all up! I couldn't do it alone. Thank you to everyone who supports our military & their families 


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Pair of Bears

The school hot lunch today is breakfast: pancakes, waffles, yogurt, fruit ...
and if you follow my blog you know that's one of the sproutlets favourites. Only Pickle wanted to take lunch, his usual peanut butter sandwich & yogurt.

I made him a pair of peanut butter sandwich bears with my CuteZCute Animal Friends Food Cutter & Stamp. I made one bear's face using the cutter side, and the other bear using the stamp. Aren't they cute? :)

Stuff I used for Pickle's lunch today:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Fourth Be With You, Origami Yoda

I made Pickle a peanut butter sandwich inspired by one of his favourite books, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, by Tom Angleberger:

Origami yoda bento Lunch
If you haven't read the book, you might be thinking, "That sandwich doesn't look much like Yoda." No, it doesn't. That's because it's Origami Yoda. And it does look like Origami Yoda - Pickle recognized him right away :) Here's a picture from the book:

Origami Yoda Bento Lunch
Yoda is drawn on the sandwich with food markers. Pickle also has chunks of mozzarella with a light saber food pick for stabbing them,  Star Wars fruit snacks, & a Go-Gurt, snipped open then re-sealed with a Twix-It. This week Pickle had MSP testing so I added an encouraging Lunchbox Love note.

Origami Yoda Bento Lunch
I also included a Star Wars print cloth napkin from Beneficial Bento on Etsy. I tried folding a cloth napkin into a yoda but that didn't work out - I couldn't even get my paper practice yoda to work out! Pickle's much better at origami & has great fun making paper creations from the Origami Yoda book series:

Check out author Tom Angleberger's website, for lots of fun, updates, & origami instructions! Pickle loves it! 


There are many more Star Wars themed posts to see today! 
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Some stuff featured in this lunch:

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