Friday, May 30, 2014

Colourful Garden Lunches

Here are a couple of colourful EasyLunchboxes I packed for Sprout & Birdie. They were kind of inspired by the pretty floral print wax paper I used in them :)


Birdie likes elephants so I added an elephant bento pick to her leftover homemade pizza (that she helped make). Since she likes her pizza warmed up I lined that section with wax paper so the lunch helper could easily lift it all out to microwave it. In the smaller compartments she has grapes & cantaloupe embellished with silicone flower & butterfly bento picks. 

Sprout ate all her pizza so no leftovers for her. She has ham rolls secured with silicone butterfly & leaf picks, raspberries, cheddar cheese cut with a flower vegetable cutter,  pistachios, & a granola bar. The granola bars come 2 in a packet, but she typically only eats 1 so I wrapped it in a sheet of wax paper to keep it from getting soggy. The spork is for the berries.

Both bentos have colourful silicone cups - fluted, flowers, hearts, & crimped.


Most of the bento accessories I used can be purchased at BentoUSA :) Bento Products


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