Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Evening Post : My Friend Makes Stuff

Really yummy smelling stuff, some of which you might think smells or looks good enough to eat - but it isn't, it's not food :)

Nope, sorry, this post is not about food. It's not a school day, and Sailor Boy made lunch.   And I've been thinking... sometimes I want to post about something that just doesn't fit in with the theme of my blog... but I want to share it anyways. So I decided to save those things for one day a week only, and do an anything goes Saturday Evening Post.  And since I don't have my camera back yet, might as well start this evening! So, if you're only interested in reading about lunches, here's your heads up: you might want to skip my Saturday Evening Posts. But then again, I might post a recipe, or rave about my new favourite food blog...  :)

But not this Saturday. This Saturday I'm making a shameless plug for my friend Cary's home-based businesses, West Road Soy Candles & Uforýa Body Care, because she's awesome and I love her stuff, everything I've tried of hers is fantastic, and more people ought to find that out!

Cary makes everything herself just 2 doors down from lucky me :) Her Uforýa body care products are made from rich unrefined shea butter, avocado, hazelnut, rice bran and jojoba oils, and are paraben free. Her West Road Candles are made from creamy soy wax, which is made from soybeans, a renewable energy source.  She focuses on using renewable energy sources and recycleable products to minimize their effect on the environment. Her glass jars and tins are recyclable or reusable. And all the scented candles and creams smell sooooo good, but don't aggravate my sinuses like some scented items do.

Here's some of my own Uforýa and West Road Candles stuff that I gathered up from around my home and snapped with Pickle's iPod:

The Fall Foliage layered candle is one of my favourites, and the only reason I haven't lit it yet is because it's a seasonal one and my last, so I am savouring just catching a whiff as I pass by it - I'll light it one day when I really need a pick-me-up. Body Butters, in the tubs, which are great this time of year when the air is so dry, and my hands aren't greasy after applying it. And they smell delish! Body Dew, in the pump, is like a thinner body butter - handy for keeping by the sink for after doing the dishes. Dead Sea Bath Salts are in the corked jar and the smaller jar next to it . Best of all, none of it gives me eczema!

The unlabeled items are samples I get to test out, lucky me! I have sensitive skin, and am allergic to many perfumes, so I get to try things out and give her feedback - so far so good on everything I think! Pictured is some lip balm, Ageless Eye Gel (in the pump) and tubs of green tea facial cleanser & exfoliating scrub (still in testing).

Here's a closer look at the Dead Sea Bath Salts.
This one's Sandalwood, mmm, bathing bliss in a jar. Love the cork lid and attached wooden scoop, so cute in the bathroom. (Want one? Keep reading.)
I really like that all the containers and labels are simple and attractive,  I can leave my Uforýa products out on the counter and they look good there!

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading my rave about my friend's awesome aromatherapy & body care stuff! And if you're still miffed that this post isn't about a bento lunch or even about food (you're entitled, that IS why you follow my blog) I'm going to try to make it up to you with a Giveaway!
You can win your own jar of bath salts! Or, if baths aren't your thing, you can opt for a tub of body butter instead :)

How to Enter:

Visit the Uforýa website, look at the bath salts and/or body butter scent selection, then come back here and leave a comment stating which product & scent you would like if you win. For a bonus 2nd entry, Like Uforýa on Facebook and then post a 2nd comment saying you did :)

The winner will be chosen (by comment number using and announced next Saturday evening, January 28th, around 5:ish <-- oops, forgot I won't be home from a friend's until later than that, so --> 8:ish.*

Disclosure: I wrote this post of my own accord and asked my friend to contribute product for a Giveaway.  No compensation or payment was given to me - unless you count that I get free stuff when I test it for her :)
* I need a way to contact you.  If you enter as Anonymous, with no contact information, I can't contact you and you can't get your prize.  So make sure your comment includes a way to contact you :)

The Giveaway is now Closed. Thank you for entering!


  1. Uforya Lavender Fields Bath Salts

    Sounds wonderful. I also love the jars and little spoons on the side. Very cute!

  2. I liked her FB page as well.... Off to look around some more. :)

  3. That gingerbread body butter is really calling out to me!

  4. Such a hard decision but im thinking the sugar cookie body butter!

  5. Liked on facebook!
    (lindsey d)

  6. I need need NEED the Smelly Pirate Hooker Bath Salts! I've been obsessing over them ever since I first saw you mention them on FB :)

  7. I liked them on FB

  8. The Smelly Pirate Hooker Bath Salts, just for the name... but I'd probably really prefer the lavender ones. Overall I'd probably prefer the Gingerbread Body Scrub though... since I'd get to use that more regularly. Who has time to take a bath? :P Ooo or the Wedding Cake lip balm and scrub!

  9. Liked on Facebook... and since I'm no longer pregnant, someone else might actually win! :) So I have to squeeze in all the entries I can get!

  10. I'd like to try the sugar cookie body butter--sounds yummy! :)

    I'm also really interested in the sick stick. I use Vicks vapor rub every day--this would be interesting to try as well!

    sarah_mae_ at hotmail dot com

  11. The sick stick sounds amazing and the Smelly Pirate Hooker Bath Salt is HILARIOUS! I will have to bookmark that for a present :) hehehe

  12. I'd love to try the unscented body butter. I've stopped using a lot of lotions because the scents are so strong, but my skin needs the moisture.
    If I win, please DM me on Twitter. I'm @basicbento. =)

  13. I'd love to have the Pumpkin Creme Brulee Body butter! Sounds like it would smell so good!

    shakymommy at gmail dot com

  14. Chocolate covered strawberries body butter,,, yum!

  15. I'd love to win the bamboo body butter... sounds lovely!

  16. I like the bamboo bath salts. How lovely the packaging is too!

  17. I also liked them on facebook

  18. Traci Wagner1/28/2012

    Smelly pirate hooker body butter! Yum! :)

  19. I would like the Uforya Cucumber Melon Bath Salts!

  20. I liked Uforya on FB....

  21. Traci Wagner1/28/2012

    Also liked on fb


  22. Tamara Gagnon1/28/2012

    Since i'm dreaming of the Caribean Im going to go with the Smelly Pirate Hooker boday butter!!! Take me away....

  23. Jodi Doyle1/28/2012

    Oh, for sure the Smelly Pirate Hooker Bath Salts. Fantastic name and I could smell them already just from the description.

  24. Jodi Doyle1/28/2012

    And liked her on FB :)

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