Friday, January 27, 2012

A Bunch of Lunches...

.... with nothing in common but the orange paper beneath them :

Handwiches for my Pickle. Did I really just type that? That's terrible :)

Bella's lunch is all green & yellow, with golden delicious apple slices, sweet yellow peppers, celery sticks, and peace sign macaroni & cheese. I packed the noodles in the EasyLunchbox and the cheese sauce in her Thermos to keep warm until lunch time.

I'm so proud of my Beanstalk! He finally "ate his rainbow" of 5 fruits and vegetables all in one day, for the first time since he was a spoon-fed baby - thanks in large part to Today I Ate A Rainbow!  

I gave him the oranges he wanted yesterday, ham roll-ups, Clif Z Bar cut in half, and an apple carved with a lightning bolt - for my Harry Potter fan :)

These are yesterday's lunches - I forgot to publish them! 

There are still a little over 24 hours left to enter my Ufor├Ża Giveaway - don't miss it, this is good stuff! My FunBites Luv it! Giveaway will be open until Monday morning. Happy week-end :)


  1. "Handwiches" made me snort coffee. Thanks :)

    GREAT idea with the sauce in another container, too. I may have to try that with John!

  2. Love them ALL as well as yesterdays beautiful hearts :)

  3. Can you do a tutorial oh how to roll meat! hahaha. My lunch meat never looks that awesome when I roll it up! hehe
    Love the peace pasta :)

  4. Anonymous1/30/2012

    Can you tell me where you got the peace sign pasta?

    1. It's from Annie's Homegrown. I found it in our local grocery in the "health food" aisle :) It's also available online:
      I didn't use the powdered cheese sauce package that came with it though, I used a creamy cheese soup instead, so she could pour it over at lunch. I'l probably use that powdered cheese envelope to flavour mashed potatoes or something :)


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