Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Evening Post: Pickle's Pick + Uforya Giveaway Winner

I was totally going to post about something else this evening, but I forgot I had plans and wouldn't be home to make a post, so, this is actually a Saturday Night Post, and I didn't get around to doing what I was going to post about, BUT it does happen to be lunch-related, so maybe I'll post it tomorrow.
Drop by and see  :)

Anyways... earlier today Pickle asked me: "What about my supper express?" 
Me: "Your supper what?" 
Pickle, exasperatedly: "My supper express! You know! Remember!" 
Me: "Hmmm, I think I might need more of a hint to remember..."
Pickle: "Mamaaaaa - you know, that you made me, with a dessert car! Did you post it on your Better Lunches website?"
Me, remembering: "Oh, that! No, not yet..." 
Pickle: "Come ON, just do it! You can do it, I know you can. You just have to try harder."

It's so funny hearing him repeat the things we say to him. And cute. 
This is what he's talking about:
New Year's Day, he went with his dad and siblings over to our neighbour's for football and black-eyed peas. Except, Pickle would never not ever eat black-eyed peas :) So I packed him an Easy Lunchbox to take with him, with a familiar peanut butter sandwich, yogurt and oatmeal cookie.
I cut the sandwich into a train shape with my Train Bytes, and just for fun, wrote on the lid with a dry erase marker, above each section : "Super Supper Express" "Dessert Car" and "Yogurt Side Car". Pickle insisted I take it's picture - this is him holding it up:

He was so pleased with that supper! "Yesssss! My Super Supper Express!" 

I can't believe I forgot about it. I told him I would post the pictures soon. He wanted to know when. I told him tonight. "Yes! You are going to post my pick!" So, here's a blurry shot of him with his Super Supper Express, that he picked for me to post. If you leave a comment on this post, please say hi to my Pickle, he will be asking me to see it when he wakes up tomorrow :)

Now, who won the Uforýa Giveaway?

Comment #15 was made by KB: "Chocolate covered strawberries body butter,,, yum!" Congratulations KB! An e-mail has been sent to you with instructions for claiming your prize :)

Thank you to everyone who entered, for visiting my blog, and checking out my friend's most excellent products! If you didn't win but would still like some Uforýa bath salts or body butter of your own, visit the West Road Candles & Uforýa website on February 1st, which is the day the new catalog launches! I don't have any details yet but I know there will be a Sale :)


  1. Hey there, Pickle! Thanks for making your mom post the Super Supper Express. MY little boy is going to love seeing it :)

  2. Hi Pickle!! Love this great idea... so happy you asked Mommy to share it!! My little boys will love it!! Can't wait to make them their first Super Supper Express!!

  3. Dear Pickle, it's a good thing you're in charge! Otherwise we all would have missed out on this adorable idea! What a yummy, fun meal you got!

  4. Howdy Pickle! Wow, your Super Supper Express looks like a great dinner idea. Glad your mom shared it on her website.

  5. I love your Super Supper Express Pickle!!! Thanks for reminding your cool mom to share it with us!!!

  6. Thanks, everyone! Pickle has replied to your comments (as me) and really enjoyed reading them all. He's very pleased that his Super Supper Express is famous now ;)

  7. Hi Pickle! My son loves fun lunches that I make for him and I can't wait to make train tracks like your mom did.....I'll even add a Pickle to his lunch that day in honor of you! I'm so glad you reminded her to show us the picture. Great Job :-)


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