Saturday, January 7, 2012

A taste of what's to come

It's so odd not blogging about our lunches after all these months of doing so... but without pictures, the posts would be pretty dull... so when I get my camera back, I'm going to make up for lost time with some very colourful lunch pictures; we're going to have a Rainbow Week! We have a Rainbow Kit from Today I Ate A Rainbow that we started using over the holidays, and I think a week of rainbow themed lunches will make it even more fun!

We've not yet had a day where everyone ate a complete rainbow of fruits & veggies, but we're having a good time trying :) Before I was without camera I snapped this pic of Birdie marking the colour fruit she just ate on our chart:

Blue for blueberries!

I can't wait to get my camera back so I can get some pictures of some of our rainbow lunches and snacks - and sometime during Rainbow Week, I'll be posting a review of The Rainbow Kit, and doing a giveaway too!

For now, here's a tasty rainbow bento lunch I made last summer:
It's one of my first EasyLunchbox bentos. I didn't have any silicone muffin cups yet, but the foil one worked well :) A mini bagel is the perfect fit in the medium section. Bella loved this lunch!

And here are some rainbow lunches I've admired on other blogs! 

A rainbow butterfly bento by Shannon of 
This rainbow bento box by Wendy of 

I'll link to more of my favourites during Rainbow Week :)

All pictures belong to their blog owners. 
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