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Got the Preschool Snack Rules Blues?

Allergy-Safe Special occasion Snack Packs for Class Parties

If you have a kidlet in a preschool, daycare, or kindergarten with strict rules for snack days, you know what I'm talking about. Your little one wants to bring in something fun. You want to bring in something fun and healthy. But what you are allowed to bring in must be store-bought, in it's original packaging, meet nutritional guidelines, and allergy-safe...
For the record, I'm not complaining - I understand why some schools have these rules, and I'm glad they are concerned about the nutrition and safety of our children - I'm just admitting it's bit of a bummer to not be able to make cute homemade food for my kids to share with their friends, especially with all the adorable ideas on Pinterest! :)
That said, it's a very minor bummer compared to the bummer it is to have to tell a child they may NOT have any of the cute snack at school because they don't know for certain if it is SAFE for them to eat... so... Hooray for storebought, packaged, allergy-safe food! 
So, how can I make it fun?  Individual packets are fun for my kids, a treat since they rarely get them, and they seem to love miniature versions of anything. Single serving snacks aren't the most economical or environmental, but for special occasions they are okay with me (and if your 5 year old is like mine, a snack day is most definitely a special occasion!)

These kid-friendly snacks are all on our Safe List* 

There are heaps of crafty and creative ways to decorate packaged snacks, but if you're a busy parent like me, you might not have time to individually embellish each juice box and string cheese... that's OK, dollar store to the rescue! You can usually find printed plastic (or paper) treat bags for every occasion,  plus ribbons and stickers galore to make things even more festive :)

So for less than $5 more than the cost of the snacks themselves, and very little time and effort, you can easily put together cute, fun, somewhat nutritious, allergy-safe snacks for your kidlet to share with their class - like these ones I made with some of the above ingredients and supplies:

In each bag I put an applesauce & spoon, or a box of raisins, 4 oz juice box, string cheese, and graham snack. I took the staple out of the curly bows and used the curled pieces of ribbon to tie each bag with a half-knot, then covered the knot with the sticker to secure it. All the kids need to do is pull the sticker off and the knot will untie with it :)

Happy snack days!

*Check with your child's school or daycare about what is & isn't on their Safe List

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  1. I'm definitely linking back once I figure out what we're doing for John's snack day. Glad my crisis spurred such an awesome post :)

  2. Very cute:) Your link for Pinterest doesn't work.

    1. Thank you, and thank you for letting me know :)

  3. That's cute! I wish my son's preschool had snack days. Maybe I will do something like that for Valentines day though. He is in a special needs class and there is only 9 other kids.

  4. I love these healthier alternatives! And $ Tree is great for bags and such! Thanks for linking up at Thematic Thursday.

  5. Anonymous9/08/2013

    Those snacks are full of top 8 allergens,'s great you care about working to find snacks that fit with the school rules, but most schools just say no to nuts/peanuts and ignore the other allergens that can keep a child from being allowed to participate in special snacks.

    1. Can't please everyone with one post :) That's why I ended with "*Check with your child's school or daycare about what is & isn't on their Safe List". This is just an idea, which people could personalize as appropriate for their child's class.

  6. Thanks for this post! I have to bring the Winter Party snack to a classroom of 23 kindergartners where the known allergies are tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, gluten and shrimp. I'm not sure that leaves much other than straight sugar -- just kidding! Still, I know most of my preferred choices are out so
    I'll want to dress up whatever is approved.

  7. Thanks for the great idea! We have a kiddo with allergies, and a lot of her class mates too, that being said - we found some terrific items at the Dollar Store. We found stickers, erasers, pencils, highlighters, glow sticks and post it notes, bubbles, and Valentine note pads there, as well. We've been doing that for several years and my kiddo and others really have fun with it. We also utilize 'Dum Dums' as they are processed in an allergy friendly facility. There is also a website called Natural Candy Store that offers some terrific treats year round for the kiddos and Chocoley Chocolate offers allergy friendly chocolate (sorry, not tryinging to advertise here, just give some ideas). Thanks again. Appreciate your site. :-)


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