Friday, January 27, 2012

Heart to heart to heart...

Happy Friday! It's a beautiful sunshiny day today, and I woke up feeling happy and rested and ready to tackle the day - what a great way to start the weekend! I hope my sproutlets have a happy school day...  in any case their lunches should bring smiles to their faces  ♥

Bella's hearty bagel lunch especially makes ME smile... it's where the title of the post comes from: My lunch was inspired by the one below, by my fellow bento maker, Chef Corey of Family Fresh Meals, who was herself inspired by the one below hers, by our friend Keeley of Keeley McGuire Blog ... 

and not only did we all use FunBites, but I copied Chef Corey's switched up apple, Corey and Keeley both have a heart-topped spinach salad, Keeley and I both have a ham FunBites heart and smaller ham and carrot hearts,  and Corey and I both have purple cabbage in our salads...

You know the saying, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? ... well, I hope both Corey and Keeley are flattered by my copy of tribute to theirs :)

Oh, and Family Fresh Meals and I are both doing FunBites giveaways this week - so if you hurry (hers closes tonight at midnight) you can double up your chances of winning! 

Okay, back to my family's lunches :)

Beanstalk's Lock & Lock bento box contains parmesan goldfish, raisins, ham and an orange. I've mentioned before that he doesn't like me to make his lunch cute... well, I snuck a heart in there today, heheh... but only if you know to look for it, and maybe not even then, maybe only I can see it because I know it's there :) Leave a comment if you can see it too!

Pickle has FunBites Luv it! heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches.  And to make sure they make it to lunch still in the shape of a heart,  the bottom slices of bread are solid hearts spread with PB, with the tangram heart pieces stuck on top like stickers :)

No love for Sailor Boy! Well, no hearts anyways...

His EasyLunchbox contains spiced almonds, kiwifruit, and spicy chicken & mandarin kebabs.

That's all folks! No pic of MY lunch - but if you're curious - I'll be having a salad full of all the scraps from these :)

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter my Ufor├Ża Giveaway, ending tomorrow night, and my FunBites Luv it! Giveaway, ending Monday morning.


  1. YUM! Love them ALL!

    Girl, I'm flattered by any thing nice you say to or about me. ;) You know you inspire me all the time!

    Pickles sandwich turned out so cute too!

  2. I've started using muffin cups to separate out food in our bento lunches and my kids love them - in fact, my seven-year-old son apparently wore his home on the bus the other day (on top of his head, of course!) Keep the ideas coming!!!

  3. I can see your heart in Beanstalk's lunch...I think you're safe though, he probably won't catch it, and if he does, it isn't cutsey, you could totally pass it off as coincidence.

  4. Very cute lunches!!! I need to try that apple with the swapped heart.....wonder if that will make Kidlet gag :P

  5. I so cannot wait for my daughter to begin kindergarten in Fall (in fact I think I'm going to start making these at home to get myself ready).

    Wonderful ideas, I love the sneaky heart!

    My daughter was looking at the computer with me and asked for lunches just like these!

  6. How awesome! Glad I could inspire :) Made my day. I love love love Pickle's sandwich. What a great way to use the Luv It! I think my girls would totally dig that :)


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