Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Ubiquitous Top 12 of 2012 Post :)

Looking back, it appears 2012 was indeed a good year for lunches! 

I'm late to the year end Top 12 post round-up party, but here they are! Fun seeing which posts were most popular, all in one place :) And these are just the top 12... I made 20 times that many posts in 2012. Yowza!

#Fun With FunBites & Chopsticks
Cubed sandwiches are perfect to practice eating with chopsticks! Which is of course much more fun than fingers or forks :)

#Eating Real Food Can Be Fun!
Let them play with their food with this simple healthy snack!

#The Mighty Thor Bento Lunch & Birthday Party
Both the lunch & the movie party were a hit. Love that granola bar hammer!

#Do You Like Green Eggs & Ham?
Strawberry Thing 1 & Thing 2 were the stars of this muffin tin meal :)

#5 Every Day is Earth Day
With wacky aqua noodles & Planet Earth jello these were colourful lunches!

#What Makes A Rainbow?
We love rainbows! That includes reading about them & eating them too :)

#7 May The 4th Be With You
 A special Star Wars lunch any Padawan would trade his food pellets for.

#8 Disposable Field Trip Bento
Just because everything has to be disposable doesn't mean it has to be trash! Recyclable containers can be repurposed & disposed of in a recycling bin :)

#9 Yummy Mummy... On A Stick!
Isn't everything more fun served on a stick?

#10 Lunch Looks Seussalicious!
Green eggs & ham & other Seussian stuff for Dr. Seuss's birthday!

#11 Back To School 
An A+ apple-themed lunch for the first day of school!

#12 Doctor Who Bentos Are Cool 
I'm so pleased this one squeaked in at #12; it's one of my personal favourites!

Even though it's not a bento, I just love the Bad Wolf ginger carrot soup :)

Happy New Year!
May your 2013 be delicious in every way!

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  1. Happy New Year! I love all of these! :D


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