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Edible Geekery : Sherlock Holmes Mystery Lunch

It's Sherlock Holmes' birthday today... so I've packed Sailor Boy's Monday lunch a little early... but even if he peeks, it'll still be a bit of a mystery...

I'll give the end of this post away now, so you don't miss it... this lunch is part of a Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes blog hop! No sneaking a peek at the next post now,  read mine first! The link to the next blog is at the end :)

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Bento Lunch

Sailor Boy's EasyLunchbox contains a "Mystery Meatball" Bento:
  • Mystery meatballs on rice, with teriyaki glaze
  • Sharp white cheddar characters
  • Fresh pineapple chunks with a heart pick
  • & a Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bar
How good are your bento detective skills? 
There's a reason behind what's in each section of this lunch. Think you can solve the mystery meanings? Take a look, then read on to see if you're right :)

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Bento Lunch
So what's the mystery with the meatballs? 

No, it's not mystery meat - they're just regular ground beef. But they're stuffed meatballs - the mystery is what's inside each one! It could be chopped bell peppers, a grape tomato, pineapple & ginger, or mozzarella cheese! And the cheese characters? Sherlock's address is 221B Baker Street.

What does pineapple have to do with Sherlock Holmes?

Nothing! But what's a mystery lunch without a nod to another couple of my favourite detectives, Shawn & Gus of Psych? My fellow Psych-os will get it :)

And of course,  you know I always put a heart in my Sailor Boy's lunch ♥

And how does the Clif bar fit in?

When my friend Karen of What's In Our Lunch Bags? suggested we make bentos for Sherlock Holmes' birthday, my first thought was,
"So, a bento made of coffee & tobacco then?"

Heh. Caffeine & nicotine was pretty much what Sherlock existed on!

This particular Clif bar is caffeinated, so I think Sherlock would approve :)

● ● ● ● ●

Lastly,  I packed a note from my Lunchbox Love For Loved Ones collection. There's no mystery behind why I chose this one, it's just a fact :) And one of the things I'm going to miss the most when he deploys next week :(

I'd like to thank the folks of Say Please! not only for their gift of these Lunchbox Love notes to slip into my husband's lunches when he's home & care packages when he's deployed, but also for helping to make military life a bit sweeter for all service members & their families via Treats 4 Our Troops  ♥ Visit their website or facebook page to learn more :)

● ● ● ● ●
You made it!  Now you can hop over to Chaos & Confections! It's a mystery to me what Jessie's made for lunch... click to find out!

Edible Geekery Sherlock Holmes Blog Hop

Some stuff I used for this lunch:


  1. Love!! The mystery meatballs are so fun :D And I adore the nod to Shawn and Gus! So much awesomeness!!! <3

  2. Bwahahaha! So much cleverness! You even squeezed our other favorite detective/sidekick duo in there. Fun!!!

  3. Yum! AND the snowflakes on your background are crazy cute!

  4. Creative and clever lunch!

  5. This looks delicious! Do your kids eat the rice/meatballs cold or do they heat them up somehow at school?

    1. No, if I pack them something that should be hot I have to put it in a Thermos. This one was for my husband who has a microwave at work :)

  6. Anonymous7/11/2013

    It's a bit funny, but do you remember the Reichenbach falls? That's a cliff. The clif bar reminded me more of that.


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