Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Loose Tooth? Take Little Bites :)

Bella's still got that wiggly tooth, it's not ready to come out yet. She can bite into things, but she doesn't like how it feels, so I've used our FunBites Cube it! again, and filled her Go Green lunch box with little bites :)

Hidden under the Lunchbox Love note she has a Trix yogurt - did you know they're coloured using fruits & vegetables rather than artificial food dye? Also in that section is a small Light My Fire spork and a couple of "ice pillows" (cut from a larger sheet). In the other sections she has a cubed PB sandwich,  cheddar & mozzarella, carrots, & almonds.

I'll be making another tooth fairy lunch any day now!

Some stuff used to make this lunch:


  1. Anonymous1/16/2013

    Just started following your blog today. Love it.! You definitely have passion. Do you use all organic veggies and fruit or some here and there.? Just curious. Also how old are your kids.?

    1. Their ages are 11, 10, 8, 6 & 3, and I buy a mix of organic and regular produce - whatever looks good and fits my budget - the carrots in this lunch are organic :)

  2. I do believe that when Allison wakes up in the morning you will be her new best friend! I had NO idea that trix yogurt was made all natural. She asks for it EVERY time we go to the store and I always tell her no.... guess I should have read the label before just assuming. ♥ Beautiful lunch as always!

    1. It hasn't always been, so it may still be on some dye lists, but they changed the formulation last January - no artificial colours or sweeteners :)


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