Monday, January 28, 2013

A Pirate Lunch for my Treasured Girl

I'm so proud of my Bella! She does her best to help me out around the house, and with her little sisters, and she tries her best at school too. She even won an award at school last week! So today she has a treat for lunch, one of our treasured Iced Gingerbread Clif bars :) I'm not kidding - they're a seasonal flavour, and a favourite of hers, and we don't have many left!

Pirate Treasure School Lunch

Bella's Pirate Treasure lunch is packed in one of our new purple-lidded EasyLunchboxes Brights.  She has English cucumber slices, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes,  a Fig Newton & Oreo, & the Gingerbread Clif bar treasure :) I also tucked in a pirate map cloth napkin, & a Lunchbox Love note to thank her for her help & let her know I treasure her! 

Today's lunch is linked up to Bento for Kidlet's Meatless Monday!


Stuff used for this lunch:


  1. Yay Bella!! <3 <3 What a fun lunch for her, those bars sound delicious! :D

  2. Cuteness! <3 I love pirate lunches!


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