Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Joyful Lunch

Joy! Winter Break is over! Heh, you think I'm kidding? Okay maybe a little ;) We did have a lovely Christmas & New Years all together... and I loved sleeping in late, cuddling with my kidlets, & staying in our PJs as long as we wanted... but as much as I loved all that (especially not having to rush out the door into the cold dark morning), and as much as I always feel a bit a pang when I waved goodbye to them at their schools... I really enjoyed coming home to a quiet house yesterday morning. So much :) 

Sprout's EasyLunchbox contains ham, cheese, a croissant, & Gala apple wedges. I was going to make a sandwich of it but she said no, she wanted it all separate. Just the way I would have wanted it too, I was that picky at her age... but I eat ham & cheese sandwiches now, so there's hope for her :)

Bella packed her EasyLunchbox all by herself.  She made a turkey, cheddar, cucumber & mustard croissant sandwich. She was so careful cutting the croissant with the big serrated bread knife, and slicing the cucumbers :) She sliced some very thin for the sandwich and some chunky for the side. For "dessert" she packed an Iced Gingerbread Clif bar. Nice lunch Mia Bella!

I ♥ that smile! She lights up a dreary morning :)

Some stuff used to make these lunches:


  1. Nice job Mia Bella!...you too Mom!

  2. Yay for back to school!! Mia is a rockstar lunch maker now!


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