Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

May this year bring good health & happiness to you and yours!

 I've only been blogging since July - so I present my
Top Ten of the 2nd Half of 2011

#1 T.G.I.F.D!  
Friday fry day! Pita Pockets stuffed with ham, cheese & apple "fries".

#2 Angry Birds Sandwich 
Pickle's loved his favourite game as a sandwich, but it was too good to eat.

Campground favourites in a muffin tin meal!

A picnic lunch packed in Easylunchboxes.

Lunch meat packaging repurposed as bento boxes.

Lunchboxes full of love. And stale pitas turned into tasty chips :)

Sun chips, cheese & quesadilla suns, Sun-Maid raisins...
Blue noodles! A muffin tin meal full of fishy fun. 

Still my most time-consuming bento - and my first Bento of the Week win!

This merry muffin cup lunch, plus snowflake sandwiches, donut hole snowmen, and Santa strawberries.

To everyone who follows my blog, thanks for all your comments, likes, pins, and shares this past half-year! And to all my new blogger friends, thanks for all the inspiration, encouragement and fun! Have a happy, healthy New Year! 


  1. Anonymous1/02/2012

    Awesome lunches! You are a big inspiration.

  2. Great idea doing the top 10! Love that :) Your ice cream sundae sandwich balls where not in the top ten?! Those were AMAZING :) hehehe

  3. I just put together a private group of mama bloggers on FB. It is a place for us to cross promote with a specific target audience- families. Some of us will do craft and others food, etc! There are not any mandatory actions but a little love goes a long way. We hope to share, tweet, vote, stumble and click on our blogs to help our ratings and grow together in the new year! I hope you join us and I look forward to your input and invites as well!

    You will need to visit the link with your private FB page and request membership in the right hand corner.

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