Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hallowe'en Lunches! Starring Jack Skellington :)

A buncha Hallowe'en lunches for my little goblins to gobble! Some are from today, some are from yesterday. Some had mishaps... All are fun!

For my Jack the Beanstalk, a spooky LunchBot starring Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I'm not totally happy with how he came out, I made his mouth a little too high - but Beanstalk was impressed with it - and there are no do-overs!

Besides the Pumpkin King peanut butter sandwiches (there are 2, stacked, but the bottom one is just a circle) he has some grapes, a container of yogurt raisins (Birdie decided they are baby ghosts), a Jack O'Lantern Jello Jiggler made with orange Jello in silicone muffin cup, half a Granny Smith apple stuck with a bat party pick, and a saltwater taffy ghost.

Pickle also got a Jack Skellington peanut butter sandwich:

I was happier with this one, his mouth is placed better. He's also a triple decker sandwich, since Pickle has been coming home hungry lately. Time for bigger lunches for him. And when I went to put the lid on the sandwich box I decided to add the eye cut-outs back in to keep the peanut butter from sticking to the lid. So here's version 2:

Sprout has a Hallowe'eny yubo, with a Jack O'Lantern Jiggler, some carrots, apple wedges, yogurt with sprinkles, triscuits, a string cheese, and a Clifford apple juice box. We don't usually do juice boxes - we have reusable bottles and I try to pack as waste-free as possible - but her kindergarten class mascot is Clifford so I bought her a package of Hansen's juice boxes for fun.

We had a bit of a mishap with the yubo. It was a little overstuffed. The juice box and the apple cup just wouldn't stay squashed in that space, especially after I put the lid on the apples - and while getting out of the car, the yubo lid popped off and everything spilled out. Fortunately, all the individual container lids stayed on and all was well - I just had to take the juice box out - but a word to the wise:  Don't overstuff the yubo!

Oh and while I am posting about mishaps... 
This is Sprout's yubo from yesterday. She had a Jack O'Lantern Jiggler, satsuma orange, yogurt with Halloween sprinkles, hard-cooked egg ghost (with candy eyes) and a zombie grave peanut butter sandwich.

I love the 3-D zombie hand cupcake pick reaching up from the sandwich grave!  I had to squash it in quite a bit more to get the lid on the container though, because there is another sandwich underneath - that she didn't eat anyways. I tend to overpack :)

But the uneaten sandwich isn't the mishap. It's the ghost egg!  I was so pleased with the eggs - I made flat round hard-cooked eggs by squishing 2 peeled ones into a round lidded container while still warm. When they cooled they were like little hockey pucks :) That part worked fine... But the sugar eyes (stuck on with a dab of honey)  dissolved! So Sprout didn't eat her egg, she thought it looked gross, and I have to agree with her, yuck!

And here's one last lunch, this one only slightly Hallowe'eny...
It's Tuesday, Breakfast For Lunch day at school, and Bella was going to have the pancakes... until she saw the Jack O'Lantern Jell-O Jigglers the other sproutlets had in their lunches... so here is her quickety-quick no time to put any thought into it EasyLunchbox. Packed literally minutes before we ran out the door, but of course I still paused to take a picture ;)

She has carrots, a Jello Jiggler Jack O'Lantern, a Fiber One chewy granola bar, and under that, a mozzarella string cheese (which is why there are 2 reusable ice cubes in there - to keep the cheese slightly chilled). In the crescent silicone cup she has fat green grapes & cherry tomatoes.

Some stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Wow wow wow! I love it. My monkey and I both love nightmare before Christmas and I thought your Jack was rather impressive! :)

    Great ideas for Halloween!

    Happy Packing!

  2. I absolutely love Jack Skellington! Job well done.

  3. I always love your creative lunches! I just wondered if the cute fabric underneath is a napkin or tablecloth? It is sooo cute, I love it!

    1. Thanks so much! Off to shop.....

  4. Jack Skellington rocks!!! You did an awesome job :D There's another movie Kidlet and I need to see lol

  5. Anonymous10/16/2012

    Wow! Your Jacks look great!!
    I don't know how you deal with making multiples! Sometimes my head hurts making one lunch.

    All of the lunches look great :)

  6. Great job with Jack Skellington! I may have to steal your idea! D watched Nightmare Before Christmas last night and LOVED it!

  7. Jack is awesome and your lunches are stunning, as always!

  8. I am TOTALLY confused! I was here earlier but the last blog linked me here!??!

    1. From the Hop? That's odd. Will look into it, thanks!

    2. Who did you link from to land here?

    3. I've figured it out. Confusion of text link on Beneficial Bento. There is a nother link further down, to Molly's Lunchbox, that is the next blog in the Hop.

  9. How did you do the jack face? Do you have a Jack sandwich cutter?

    1. No, but I'll take that as a compliment, thanks! I cut the eyes with a flimsy metal circle cutter that I reshapeda bit to make it not completely round, the nostrils I did by pinching a drinking straw into an oval shape, and for the the mouth I used the same large circle cutter I had used to cut the sandwich out, and the tip of a butter knife to make the teeth marks across it.


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