Thursday, October 4, 2012

Edible Geekery : Lister's Chilly Chutney Sandwich for Red Dwarf 10!

♫ ♪ It's cold outside
There's no kind of atmosphere
I'm all alone, more or less... ♫ ♪

Wait, I've done that before....
(past Red Dwarf bento... don't click now, do the hop first!)

Tonight's the premiere of Red Dwarf 10!

Inspired by Dave Lister, I've made a Chilly Chutney Sandwich:

A chilly chutney sandwich (a fried egg, chili sauce & chutney sandwich) is a type of sandwich created by Dave Lister, after he was inspired by reading a book on bacteriological warfare. Arnold Rimmer described eating it as like "having a baby" and "a cross between food and bowel surgery." According to Rimmer, even though all it's ingredients were wrong, somehow it made a right. 

Especially for Rimmer, I also have Alphabetti Spaghetti!

Disclaimer: The beer's just a prop, I'm not really having a beer with lunch.

Sorry for the smeg up, holding up the hop. I blame the Cat.  Now get out of here, go see what Jenn of Bento for Kidlet has made:


  1. Absolutely love it!

  2. Is that sandwich as delicious as it looks?

    1. It was HOT! And very tasty, Lister would have approved :)

  3. That's awesome!! Looks super tasty :D


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