Monday, October 8, 2012

iCarly-Inspired Spaghetti Tacos!

If your kidlet is an iCarly fan, you're probably already aware of the deliciousness that is spaghetti tacos. We had them for supper the other night, and today Bella has the leftovers in her lunchbox. These are leftovers she's excited about eating!

Bella has mini taco shells to fill with spaghetti at lunch time. I stuffed her folded napkin into the end one to help keep it from breaking. I filled a gummy bear container (a gift from Biting The Hand That feeds You, originally a fast-food meal toy) with shredded cheddar for topping.  On the side she has cherry tomatoes & baby carrots with bear picks (random dancing),  Fig Newtons, and in the little pink lidded cup, a few gummy bears for a treat.

I packed the hot spaghetti & "meat" sauce (ours is made with veggie protein crumbles) in her iCarly Thermos Funtainer. I chopped the noodles up a bit so she'd have an easier time filling the shells with her spork. The gummy bear container holding the cheese was filled with gummy bear-shaped notepaper and stickers so I wrote her a note and stuck it to the lid of her EasyLunchbox :)

Bella was so looking forward to lunchtime today!

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  1. ok that is adorable

  2. Love all the little bears. So cute!

    Happy Packing

  3. Love it.. so going to have to try the spaghetti taco idea too!

  4. Funny, I saved that same orange bear container from a fast food meal with the plan to use it in a bento. But, my daughter keeps taking it from my drawer and using it for Squinkie storage instead. Every time I find it abandoned, I reclaim it and wash it, but then it ends up with the toys again :)


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