Friday, October 19, 2012

Angry Birds Bentos

Pickle is crazy about Angry Birds. I have only made him one Angry Birds lunch though, and it was just a peanut butter sandwich... and I haven't made one since... because he liked it so much he wouldn't eat it, he wanted to keep it!  It's been a while though, so I figured I'd try again :)

Angry Birds yubo bento

When packing a theme lunch, sometimes I wing it, but most of the time I do a little prep the night before,  gathering my non-perishable ingredients, supplies, & containers, so everything is handy in the morning:

Angry Birds yubo bento prep

Here I have his drink bottle, yubo lunchbox, a packet of fruit snacks, some graham crackers, the cookie stamps for the sandwiches, and a little peanut butter that came with breakfast at a restaurant a few weeks ago that we didn't use so I took it home. In the morning I'd just need to make the sandwiches, add his yogurt and fill his cup. Oh, and that's not an Angry Birds bottle - I put a rubbery bracelet my friend Ludicrous Mama sent him around the lid of his regular Nalgene bottle for fun - it was a perfect fit! 

These are the cookie / pastry stamps up close:

Angry Birds pastry / cookie stamp sandwich cutters

They are shaped cutters with spring-loaded stamps. They squash the bread quite flat, and they are pretty small, so I made his peanut butter sandwiches double decker. Here's his Angry Birds lunch all put together:

Angry Birds yubo bento school lunch

I cut out the Red Bird from the tag that was on the bracelet and taped it on the lid of his Chobani Champions honey-nana Greek yogurt. The peanut butter for dipping the Angry Birds grahams is under the fruit snack pouch. 

I packed Angry Birds bentos for Bella & Beanstalk as well. Bella also got Angry Birds PB sandwiches, grahams & a little green cup of peanut butter for dipping them, tomatoes, & cucumbers. I got that cute little green pig bento pick from my friend Ming of Bento, Monsters :)

Angry Birds easyLunchboxes bento

Beanstalk's lunch was packed in his PlanetBox. His PB sandwich was made with my CuteZcute cutter. I love that thing, it's so versatile, quick & easy! I added a crown to make the Pig King :) He also has Angry Birds grahams & fruit snacks, plus apple wedges and cherry pomegranate fruit leather.

Angry Birds PlanetBox bento school lunch

Oh, and before I put the lid on Bella's EasyLunchbox, I added a cloth napkin and a pouch of fruit snacks to the large compartment. That filled the space and held everything in place too. I know she'll love opening this colourful lunch!

Angry Birds EasyLunchbox bento school lunch

I hope Pickle eats his sandwiches!  
This is the one I made him last year, that he insisted on keeping:

Angry Birds peanut butter sandwich

It lived in our freezer for a long time :)

Following In My Shoes

Stuff I used for these lunches:


  1. This is, by far, my favourite lunch box yet! Now to go looking for those awesome Angry Bird cookie cutters here in South Africa. My kids will love me forever, LOL. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  2. Love all of these! I have had my eye on those cookie presses since Eliana loves Angry Birds too. I love the sandwiches you made with them!

  3. So awesome!!!! I especially love the CuteZCute King Pig!

  4. hi. whered the star and heart picks come from? love your lunches!

    1. All Things For Sale, they are the reverse side of these: these
      I'll add a link to the post :)

  5. Awww this is so cute!!! All I have are the Angry Bird crackers and wasn't sure how to make a sandwich that is angry bird as well. Thank you so much for sharing!! =)

  6. Love these lunches and I love the way you prep. I clearly have been doing it all wrong. lol! I have been making up the whole lunch at night and then removing the items that shouldn't be refrigerated and adding them to another container, then remaking the lunch in the morning. Not sure what I have been thinking.... your way makes so much more sense! :o)

  7. Wow! You're so good at making themed lunches. :D

  8. Cute idea to add the bracelet to the bottle and nice to see that the Nalgene bottle fits the Yubo bottle holder. We have that same bottle and I have been trying to decide on whether or not to get a Yubo box.

  9. I love it! I ordered those cookie presses last week for my boy who LOVES angry birds. I will have to look for those crackers.

  10. Your Angry Birds lunch looks incredible. We can understand why Pickle might have a hard time eating such a beautiful piece of work.


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