Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pickle's Pizza Sandwich!

No, you didn't read that wrong, and I didn't make a mistake, I meant to say Pickle.  My picky Mister Peanut Butter Sandwiches :)

I've mentioned that he's shown an interest in trying new things since his siblings have been using the Today I Ate A Rainbow! chart and trying more vegetables, well, last weekend he came up to me as I was getting lunch ready and asked "What can I try?" A conversation about veggies and how some of them are in things he already knows he likes (like tomatoes, in ketchup, & pizza) led to him asking if I could make him a pizza sandwich. Well, why not?

We didn't have any mozzarella but we had provolone, which is the same colour. Pickle had to sniff it to see if it was okay:

I spread pizza sauce on whole wheat bread, and topped it with a slice of provolone with a heart shape cut out - just for fun, and because Birdie asked for some cheese, so I gave her the heart. Pickle added the slice he sniffed.

 Yes, he is wearing nail polish :)

I heated the pizza sandwich a few seconds so the cheese would get melty, then presented it to my brave little man. He checked it out thoroughly to make sure it was all right to eat. 

 "I like the heart," he told me. "You made a heart because you love me. I love pizza. Will I love pizza sandwich?" he asked. "Try it and see," I told him.

And he took did! I had my camera on the manual setting, which I am not accustomed to using, so these pics are blurry...
He took a bite, chewed a bit, then nodded his head to say he liked it ! Hooray!

 I left him alone to eat his lunch without a camera in his face - and he did :)

This wasn't a one-off either, he has had another pizza sandwich since,  and even tried a pizza quesadilla (which he didn't care for - but he tried it!) Parents of super picky kids or kids with autism will understand my joy at him breaking his routine and braving new foods :) 

♪ ♫ Happy happy joy joy ♪ ♫


  1. Awesome! Love this post :) Nice job mama!

  2. Stacey2/05/2012

    That is sooooo Awesome! Way to go Pickle!!! How about pizza bagels now? Those are yumm.

  3. Anonymous2/05/2012

    Way to go Pickle!! Super proud of you trying new things.

  4. That is great! I know how it is. I have a son with ASD and can be very picky with food.

  5. Yeah!! Love the picture of him sniffing the cheese- adorable :)

  6. seriously SERIOUSLY awesome!!! Way to go MC Clap Yo Hands AND way to go Mom!

    1. Where is the Like button? :)

  7. I love this post, you are an awesome mom!!! Pickle is lucky to have you in his life!!!

  8. That's awesome! Way to go Pickle!

  9. Wooo! Go Pickle! It's awesome that he is asking what new things he can try :D

  10. Anonymous4/26/2012

    I'm a mother to a child that I am trying to help get over some texture issues, so I totally understand the joy you experience when your baby tries something new. My baby tried tuna salad when I told him it had pickles in it. I asked for one bite and he took about 5 nibbles cuz he saw pieces of pickle in it!

    1. That's awesome, good for you - and him!


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