Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Into Spring

Happy Leap Day! My sproutlets didn't care much that today is leap day, it didn't mean much to them - but they did find it amusing when I told them that if Pickle had been born on this date instead 5 days earlier, this year it would only be his 2nd birthday :) "Whoa, close one!" said Beanstalk.

Bella wanted "a bunch of little things" in her lunch, so I made her a Spring-y assortment of fruit, veggies, cheese, and rice cakes ✿

Birdie & Sprout shared a Nibble Tray. They had Annie's Homegrown Fruity Bunnies cereal and some alphabet cookies I found in the Safeway bakery, honey oat bran muffin, grapes, carrots, and cheddar-mozzarella flowers.

The mini muffin was Birdie's; Sprout got a bigger one, just like Pickle's, pictured below. Muffins fit perfectly in the little Tupperware snack cups. Pickle also got a Frog Prince peanut butter sandwich made with a Lunch Punch.
A Leap frog :)

Beanstalk has a new lunch box, a PlanetBox! He is so thrilled with it :)
The stainless steel is very cool...

His PlanetBox contains a honey oat bran mini muffin, raisins, grapes, Cheez-its, carrots, an orange, and a gummy fish treat. The many separated sections are perfect for my picky boy who doesn't like his foods to touch.

Bento of the Week

Stuff I used to make these lunches:

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  1. Everything looks great!! I love the lunch box..I want one ;)!!

  2. You flower lunch is so bright a cheery! LOVE!

  3. Love the flowers and every one of them looks so cheerful!:)

  4. Anonymous2/29/2012

    I've been eyeing that lunchbox. I wondered how well it keeps food juices separate since it has no silicone seal? Will you be doing a review on the lunchbox? Hehehe.

    1. Probably... eventually :)

    2. Anonymous.. if you buy the full pack, they come with cups that do have silicone seals that fit into the sections.... they call them the little dipper and the big dipper.

  5. Beautiful, cheerful lunches. Love them all!

  6. I love your lunches <3 Everything is so colorful!!!

  7. So many great submissions this week! Thanks for linking up!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network

  8. cheerful, really looks like spring!

  9. Jealous of those buggy picks, must get some!



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