Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rainbow Week : Green Day!

Our Rainbow Week continues with my favourite colour:


Bella's Green Day lunch is a green salad with striped cucumbers, diagonal sliced mozzarella, a striped Granny Smith apple, and green grapes. This one was easy since she likes most greens! But sadly, not kiwi.

It's Groundhog Day! Sailor Boy's groundhog saw his shadow, so went back to sleep in his bed of lettuce...

6 more weeks of winter... I thought so. I made this lunch last night, but I had a feeling winter wasn't over yet, so I cut a snowflake out of a Babybel cheese - my first embellished Babybel :) In the main compartment of his Easy Lunchbox Sailor boy gets chicken kebabs again - this time atop a green salad, and with mandarin oranges. The small green container is filled with salad dressing - and that's a Light My Fire spork, they're great. Mister Groundhog is made of refried beans, with dried chile features and provolone teeth.

Pickle got frog prince & fairy princess peanut butter sandwiches made with sandwich cutters from the Lunch Punch Sand*wishes set. 


Birdie & Sprout's Green Day rainbow muffin tin meal was a yogurt & fruit bar!

I set out plain yogurt and a flower muffin tin filled with mango, banana, kiwi, strawberry & blueberry stir-ins, and a graham crumb & milled flaxseed "cookie crumble" topping. I gave them each a bowl and spoon and let them scoop their own yogurt and add their own fruit. 

They loved it! They were totally digging the "cookie crumble" too, and I was feeling pretty smug about sneaking the flaxseed in there :) Both girls were munching as much fruit as they were putting into their bowls, and still ate what was in the bowl when they finished filling it. They got yogurt and fruit all over, so I did have to put my camera up and sit at the table with them to assist. It was messy but fun.

I did take a quick snap of Birdie's bowl - second helping! Look at that messy mixture - both their bowls looked like that - and they ate it up! Now, if I had served them something that looked like that, they would have declared it "yuck" and refused it, but since they made it themselves...  :)

I was all excited to see Birdie add some kiwi, that was one of the 2 fruits I was almost certain they wouldn't touch. But if she actually ate any, it was by accident - she picked that big chunk back out. Ah well, she gobbled up everything else in her bowl, even the mango, which was the other fruit I didn't think they'd eat, yay!  I'm definitely going to let them do this again... but next time, they'll be wearing smocks :)

More Rainbow Fun!

Did you read my review of the Rainbow Kit?
I didn't mention that there's a Today I Ate A Rainbow Song!
Birdie & Sprout will sing it for you:

Isn't it cute?!  Want to hear it again? Visit The Today I Ate A Rainbow Song Page! to see it performed by Hannah, rainbow eating daughter of Kia, who created Today I Ate A Rainbow!  My Sprout wanted to sing it solo too:


  1. I love the yogurt buffet idea! Jakob loves yogurt and adding the fruit himself would make it even more delicious, I am sure!! ( I have actually convinced him that yogurt is ice cream, so he thinks it is a super treat if I "let" him have any time he wants ;)!

  2. I love Kermit & the groundhog!

  3. love the yogurt fruit bar! we've done muffin tin taco bar - must try your idea :)

  4. Wow that *almost* makes me want to eat refried beans. Super cute lunches. I love the rainbow. Thanks for linking up.

  5. So much to say...Kermit is ADORABLE!! I love your refried bean groundhog. The fruit and yogurt bar is genius! Fantastic job all around!! Everything is beautiful and looks DELICIOUS!


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