Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring is in the air... I think :)

Birdie actually chirped when she saw her muffin tin meal today. Then cooed "Oooh, beautiful lunch!" ♥ She had cheddar butterflies, pasta butterflies, and a hard-cooked egg cloud, in sky blue cups,  and a little nutella flower sandwich with celery leaves, a grape & carrot flower, and strawberry flowers, in flower cups. Sprout had the same in an orange muffin tin.

Today was just gorgeous (after the morning frost melted); sunshine, blue skies, birds chirping - maybe the groundhog was wrong... it felt very spring-like, and inspired me to make a colourful spring-like lunch for the little girls. I knew we had some leftover farfalline pasta - butterflies! - and the rest of the garden grew up around them. I remembered the strawberry flowers from a Muffin Tin Mom post last Spring.

The egg clouds were made using large eggs in the star mold instead of extra-large. I cut them in half, added little carrot blossoms and stuck them back together. Birdie gasped and squeaked with delight when she discovered the flower surprise in her "eggie" cloud :)

Beanstalk (when he saw this photo after school) said "Sorry, not to hurt your feelings but that (pointing to the sandwich flower) didn't turn out so well, it's kind of block-y" then quickly added "but it probly [sic] still tasted good!"

Heheh, he's right, it is kind of blockish - but I didn't have a medium sized flower cutter, so I cut a circle then cut notches out of it with the point of the butterfly cutter's wing. I was behind schedule, and not about to waste bread on a 2nd try, so, c'est la vie! Birdie & Sprout didn't mind a bit :)

The sproutlets are playing in the yard as I am composing this post on our back porch picnic table - it's that nice out. Welcome Spring?

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  1. This is so cute!! It makes me feel very springy :D And not all flowers are rounded so a blocky one is good too!

  2. OMG.. Love everything about this. I actually used the same muffin tin today for the girls! hahaha Great minds think alike. I'll be posting it tomorrow over at MTM, but it pales in comparison to yours! The celery stems are my fav :)

  3. Oh they ARE beautiful!!! Birdie nailed it with that one!

  4. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous. I love all the color and the strawberry flowers came out perfect.

  5. Thank you so much for your visit and for try to write in portuguese!!!


  6. Oh, and looooooove your blog!!!

  7. Very pretty and spingy, love the flowers :)


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