Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rainbow Week : Yellow

We're halfway through our Rainbow Week! Today's colour is


Bella's yellow lunch was inspired by Beatles songs ! Beneath the celery sticks and cheese, she has a turkey & cheese sandwich, yellow peppers, and on the side, slices of golden delicious apples, and some plain pasta (with a Thermos Funtainer of hot cheese sauce to pour over it at lunch - not pictured). Do you know which 4 Beatles songs are represented?  ♪ 

♫ Yellow Submarine, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Golden Slumbers & Give Peace A Chance 

Beanstalk didn't eat the snack I packed him yesterday, so he got it again today, plus an organic Clif Z Bar. Pickle got a cute beehive and bee peanut butter sandwich. The cutter for this was a surprise gift from a friend, and this is the first time we've used it. Pickle loves it,  thank you Linli!

Sailor Boy has pineapple teriyaki chicken kebabs, yellow pepper slices, sharp white cheddar cheese, and grapes in his Easy Lunchbox. I also scratched a little love note on the peel of a banana and sneaked it into his lunch tote  ♥
By the time he opened his lunch the message would have been really dark :)

No pic of the banana, he leaves before the sun rises, too early for me! I also wrote a banana note for Birdie though, if you want to see an example :

She can't read yet so I just drew pictures :)


I saw these rainbow fruit kebabs on the MOMables facebook page way back in August, just before the popular lunch menu plan officially launched, and have wanted to make some ever since. It took me a while, but I finally got around to making some for my sproutlets!  I made these ahead of time for Sprout & Birdie's snack. Two each, and a yogurt cloud to dip in :) 

They still don't like pineapple. More for me :)

We were out all day, so no muffin tin meals, then brought one of Sprout's little friends home with us this afternoon, so Birdie and I made muffins together while they played. Banana muffins! She really liked mashing the bananas:

I almost forgot to get a picture of the banana muffins before the 3 little girls ate them all - and by the time I remembered, there were only 3 left!  They were really good muffins, and so cute in their flower muffin cups :)

There's nothing rainbow about them - but they are yellow :)

Now these muffins, made by the talented Kris
 of In the Kitchen with Audrey, are Rainbow!
And healthy too! Click the Rainbow Mom button to see more from Kris, Audrey, & little sister Maurene too!

Thanks for following our Rainbow Week! Don't forget to read my review of Today I Ate A Rainbow! and enter to win a Rainbow Kit of your own!


  1. Loving your rainbow lunches. Very cheerful!

  2. 1. Love the sub! Freaking amazing!
    2. Beautiful kabobs
    3. That princess helper is the cutest thing EVER
    4. You are a rock star!

  3. I have to agree with Corey, Rock Star Momma. I was just on Pinterest and pictures from this post are all over the place. I repinned a few myself.

  4. I love the Bee/hive cutter...very cute!

  5. Lovely.. I have to ask what set of letter punches you have. I have the metal Wilton ones and despise most of the letters. Yours look like they come out nice and neat!

    1. I got them from All Things for Sale but couldn't find them there now, I found them here though - this exact set. It comes with a little tool to poke them out

  6. I love the little "peace sign" pasta, it is absolutely adorable! Where on earth (or the internet) did you find it?

    1. At the Marketplace! It comes in a box with an envelope of powdered cheese, like Kraft Dinner, but it's by Annie's Homegrown so it's in the health food aisle - lower shelves :)

  7. I love those rainbow picks in the fruit from the MOMables picture. Would you happen to know where I might be able to find some?

    1. Starla, you may be in luck if you have a Walmarts near you and if Walmarts carry the same brands! They are cheap plastic drink swizzle sticks I found in the sodapop aisle! They were hanging up near brightly coloured plastic shot glassesI loved the jewel colours, and bought them to use as skewers :)


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