Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Pickle's 8th birthday!  I made him a peanut butter sandwich cake:

It *just* fit in his sandwich box. The letters did get squished down a little bit when I put the lid on, but I took it off again to check and they are still readable:  Happy Birthday  :)  And doesn't it look like a smile through the lid? The air bubbles in the bread are in just the right places!

Pickle was so excited to take Dr. Seuss pencils to school to share with his class in lieu of cupcakes!  Just in time for Dr. Seuss Week too :)


I forgot to post Birdie's birthday bento! She turned 3 just over a week ago:

Birdie loves elephants and asked for an elephant birthday so that was her party theme :) Here's her elephant birthday lunch:

She had elephant cookies, elephant shaped cheese embellished with sprinkles, strawberries and grapes with elephant picks, and a peanut butter and nutella birthday cake sandwich, made with a Lunch Punch from the Sweet set. The candles have gobs of peanut butter for flames :)

The elephant cookies sure are hard to make out! I really had to squint to be sure I had an elephant and not a buffalo - all the animal cookies just looked like pink and white blobs  to me :)

Me and my silly 3 year old girl ♥ at her party at Grandma & Grandpa's:

And some of her elephant cupcakes:

 Happy Birthdays Pickle & Birdie!

Stuff I used for these lunches:


  1. Happy Birthday both :) Nice photos and curtains( I always love white curtains, they look so fresh ).

  2. These are so cute! Happy Birthday to Pickle and Birdie!! :)

  3. LOVE these Cristi! Happy birthday to your kiddos!

  4. Beautiful birthday meals for your babes!

  5. Cristi! That is SUCH a beautiful picture of you and your daughter!! Love it!

    Love the lunches too ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF THEM!!


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