Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Holiday Monday!

It's Family Day in many provinces of Canada - although my home province of British Columbia won't officially observe it until 2013 - so Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians! Lucky for me, it's also a holiday here in the USA - it's President's Day - so I get to spend Family Day with my family :)

I made patriotic lunches for some of my little American sproutlets. Pickle had a peanut butter sandwich, & yogurt (not shown). I tried to make his sandwich look like the American flag did when the first president of the United States, George Washington, was in office. 13 stars & 13 stripes - sort of :

Good thing I consulted Wikipedia because Pickle asked how I knew that's what the flag looked like, and then he asked to see proof! He counted too :)

The little girls had heart and star muffin tin meals :

Mozzarella string cheese stripes, red grapes on blue heart picks, hard-cooked eggs shaped with heart & star egg molds, little peanut butter sandwiches, strawberries, and yogurt with red & blue cupcake sprinkles.

Sprout and Birdie had been playing fancy dress-up just before lunch :) Watch the sleeve of your wedding gown in your yogurt Bean Sprout!


  1. My girls always come to the table in whatever they are playing with or wearing. We have dress up clothing with stained sleeves.

    1. It's all good. We don't own any clothing I'd cry about if they stained :)

  2. These are such fun lunches!! I celebrated by letting Kidlet make our sandwiches. That's festive right? :D

    1. That would be cause for celebration at my house!


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