Thursday, February 23, 2012

100th Day of School

Today's the 100th day of school for my sproutlets! It's a little later in the year than originally planned due to a week of snow days :)

Pickle began his day reading the book 100th Day Worries while eating his breakfast - then it went into his backpack to share with his 2nd grade class. 

In the book, a little girl is worried that she won't be able to find 100 things to bring to school for her 100th day. The book was from one of Bella's first Scholastic book orders in kindergarten, and inspired her lunch today :)

I was so pleased with myself for puzzling 10 little cups into her EasyLunchbox!

Bella has exactly 100 bites of lunch! 10 each of grape tomatoes, black grapes, mozzarella, cheddar, ham, turkey, golden globe tomatoes, "Mystic" grapes, cheddar Cheez-Its, and white cheddar Cheez-Its. I cut the ham & turkey using my FunBites Luv it! cutter, because it's quick & easy - and makes exactly 10 pieces :) For snack, I gave her one of those 100 calorie packs of yogurt covered pretzels, relabeled 100th day of school pack :

Beanstalk has 100 bites in his Lock & Lock bento box too - they just aren't in multiples of 10. He has 10 cheddar Cheez-Its, 10 white cheddar Cheez-Its, 18 graham squares, 5 "Mystic" grapes, 5 black grapes, 5 ham rolls, 5 apple slices, and 42 yogurt raisins.  There were 45 in the box so I ate 3 :)

Pickle has 100 love bites :) I strung 100 bits of Quaker Whole Hearts heart-shaped oat cereal on a red cord - his favourite colour. It frames his usual peanut butter sandwich, with 100 DAYS cut out and stamped into it:

I also gave him a package of 100 calorie Oreo snacks - a real treat! At the beginning of the year a note was sent home asking me not to send him Oreo cookies because he makes too much mess with them :( He doesn't mean to, he just really enjoys them, and turns them into a sensory experience. Unfortunately the school does not have time for a mess like that, so Oreos have been a home snack for my Pickle ever since...  then this week I noticed these Oreo wafers at the store - hopefully the eats them neatly!


Pickle usually gets a small Snapware container of yogurt, but I ran out so he got one of his Dad's individual yogurt cups. He loves peeling the foil cap :) And Beanstalk got a 100 calorie snack pack just like Bella's.

Each one got a Lunchbox Love too. Bella says one of the lunchroom ladies likes all the trivia on the flip side of the sentiments :)

Happy 100th Day of School to my sproutlets!

Stuff I used today:


  1. Absolutely adorable 100th Day lunches! Love that that each had 100 bites/cereal pieces.

  2. These are such great ideas! I can't wait to use them for my little ladies when they start school! Gotta pin this one!

  3. Anonymous2/23/2012

    These are soooo cute! Some of your best! I was wondering how you keep your apple slices nice and fresh?

    1. I have been using a product called Fruit Fresh, a powder from the canning section of the grocery, but I ran out and have been using lemonade Crystal Light this past week with no complaints :)

  4. You even stack your crackers cute :)

    1. Haha, I guess I do :) They break less that way since they don't move around as much :)

  5. Love all your 100 day lunches.. they are so colourful!
    I like your lunchbox love notes too.. i think i will do this for my boy in future.. so sweet..

  6. Anonymous2/24/2012

    Thanks for the Crystal Light tip; I can't find Fruit Fresh here in Austin. Very cute 100th day ideas!

    1. Thanks! Anything with citric acid works pretty well. I dip the apples in a dish of the lemonade as soon as I slice them. If you don't have anything on hand, even dunking them in cold water right after slicing helps stop the oxygenation that causes browning. I did an experiment here: Apple Browning Experiment

  7. hello! i've just run across your site and i LOVE your ideas. do you make the love/trivia notes on your own? or purchase the digital version somewhere and personalize and print? such a great idea to bring a smile to their little faces.


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