Saturday, February 18, 2012

Too Cute To Eat

I made sweet little Hello Kitty bentos for the little girls' lunches yesterday:

Hello Kitty is a hard-cooked egg, cutified with a pink Hello Kitty egg mold, and embellished with food markers. Her little friends atop the strawberries are picks available from All Things For Sale, as are the cutters used for the cheese. I turned a muffin cup inside out for the applesauce - it makes more of a bowl shape that is easier to scoop a spoon against the side of. The applesauce is topped with a slice of strawberry, and surrounded by seedless red grapes. A few berry rice cakes are in there too :)

Well, Sprout wouldn't eat her egg. She didn't want to eat Hello Kitty! "I want to save her!" she told me and insisted I put Hello Kitty eggie in the fridge. Birdie made an angry face when she saw the applesauce. "I hate applesauce!" she told me in a tone that said I should have known that, crossed her arms, and wouldn't even sit down in her chair until I removed the offending fruit cup from the bento. Birdie had no qualms about biting into her Kitty-faced egg though!

Later, while the girls were having an afternoon snack, I was on the phone, and Sprout overheard me telling my friend that she wouldn't eat her Hello Kitty egg, "I suppose she doesn't like to eat food with faces" I said. "No!" piped up Sprout, "It's because it's cute, so I want to keep it! But see! I can eat a face!" and she arranged her snack like so:

I stand corrected :)

Stuff I used:

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  1. Inside out muffin cups! What a fabulous idea! Now that I see it ~ it seems obvious. You are a genius, and I'm totally doing that!

  2. That's adorable!! I wouldn't want to eat cute Hello Kitty either! :) Unfortunately I don't think you can effectively shellac an egg :P

  3. I love the Hello Kitty Egg! My daughter adores Hello Kitty and I have never seen an egg mold. Thank you so much for always linking to the products you use!

  4. haha this is adorable :) LOVE the Hello Kitty!

  5. Christina2/20/2012

    I cannot believe you take that much time to make lunch. You are quite creative! I feel like a horrible mom!

  6. How cute! Love how you always link up the products you use too.

  7. aww.. that's a cute kitty..

  8. My first time here! Gosh, your Hello Kitty egg is soooooo cute! I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty & have just submitted my recipe too at Bento Network. Looking fwd to sharing our love for cute stuff :)
    Shirley's Luxury Haven


  10. Anonymous3/01/2012

    voted! this is the best! >.<

  11. So cute, both the egg and Sprout!


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