Sunday, February 26, 2012


Peekaboo mummy! Dat my lunch?

Lunch Punch grilled cheese goldfish

I don't usually make bento lunches on the weekends, but I do sometimes make something cute. Yesterday I made Birdie a mama & daddy goldfish grilled cheese with goldfish cracker babies:

Lunch Punch grilled cheese goldfish

This was a lesson lunch - I learned not to use a sandwich cutter on grilled cheese until it has cooled off quite a bit, or the cheese will ooze out! 

Lunch Punch grilled cheese goldfish

One of the goldfish crackers shifted when I set the plate down and stuck to the cheddar oozing from one of the grilled cheese goldfish - I guess it was the mama one - because Birdie pointed to the goldfish cracker and said "dat baby one is eating his moot". Moot = mama's milk, her word for it. Cute :)

Birdie's sandwich made with


  1. I have to say that I love your creativity. :) I've always loved Bento boxes, but I never had the drive to start them and my creative juices just don't flow so well with food haha. But I might have to steal some of your ideas once my boy starts school in a few years. I enjoy reading through your posts. You are an inspiration!

  2. Hehe so cute! :) Love the picture of Birdie too, precious. :)

  3. Birdie is such a sweetie! And I've had lots of those "learning lunches" myself ( too many to count!) Cute, cute sandwiches - thanks for sharing them for Fancy Sandwich Friday!


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