Friday, March 2, 2012

Lunch looks Seussalicious!

I made those Seuss-inspired lunches some time ago but never got around to posting them ... In Birdie & Sprout's Sassy boxes, apples for The Cat in the Hat, goldfish crackers & gummy fish for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, & green scrambled eggs & honey ham for Green Eggs and Ham.  Bella doesn't like eggs cold so had green plastic ones from last Easter filled with shredded cheese & almonds for her salad instead. Beanstalk doesn't like eggs at all so he got a Clif Z Bar in his Lock & Lock.

No better day than today to finally share them!

Beanstalk and Bella will also be sharing Dr. Seuss pencils with their classmates in honour of the beloved author's birthday. Pickle already handed some out his class on his birthday last Friday.

We love Dr. Seuss! Who doesn't?!  And what a Seussful week we've had so far! I did repeat many of  the themes, but there are some new things too :)

In case you missed it, Monday I made Birdie & Sprout a Seussilicious muffin tin meal with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish goldfish grahams & gummy fish, a Gala apple & mozzarella Cat in the Hat hat, three cheese trees with 3 chocolate sprinkle fleas, from Fox in Socks, scrambled & dyed Green Eggs and Ham, strawberry, mozzarella & cream cheese Thing 1 and Thing 2, and green tapioca pudding Oobleck:

Yesterday, I made Bella a Seussified bento:

Green egg-shaped grapes & ham :) A Cat in the Hat cracker stack plus mozzarella string cheese. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish goldfish grahams & gummy fish, & another Cat in the Hat-inspired snack of skewered strawberry fruit leather and mini marshmallows. 

And finally,
Today's Seuss-inspired lunchboxes:

Beanstalk's PlanetBox is pretty plain and simple, the way he likes it. He has a Star Belly Sneetch egg peanut butter sandwich, Cat in the Hat striped Cheez-it crackers (spicy & white cheddar), egg-shaped Granny Smith apples & skewered applewood smoked ham for Green Eggs & Ham, and a couple of green foil-wrapped chocolate eggs just to be sweet :)

Pickle wanted me to take a photo of his sandwich using his iPod's Dr. Seuss Birthday camera app.  I used it for Dr. Seuss' photo above too. It's fun!

I've learned that Pickle doesn't like his sandwiches to look too much like characters he loves, or he doesn't want to eat them. Remember my Angry Birds sandwich? I had to keep it in the freezer for him to admire for weeks. I don't really mind... the Cat in the Hat's hat is a much easier sandwich to make than the Cat in the Hat! So that's what he got, with yogurt & a couple of chocolate green eggs:

Bella's class is having a Read Across America pizza party today so I was told she didn't need a lunch, but just in case she wanted something healthy to go with her pizza, I packed her a little snack inspired by :

Nothing much, just a pair of celery pants & an apple wedge moon, from the last story in the book, What was I Scared of? I also added some lime gelatin Oobleck & a honeycrisp apple Cat in the Hat hat, just because :)

Poor empty pants
With nothing inside them.

That particular story reminds me of my Bella. She would totally feel sorry for and hug the poor lonely pants :) 

Lunchtime Update: 
A last-minute bento for ME! Cucumber Green Eggs & Ham, Cat in the Hat striped radishes, crackers, cheese & potato, broccoli & cheddar Seuss - yum! 

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  1. Alekona---aka Alison3/02/2012

    Your blog ate my post, and I have no desire to re-touchscreen it.....cute as always ...

  2. Love the Thing 1 and Thing 2 strawberries! Wonderful lunches as always!

  3. Awesome round up! Still get a kick out of the "thing 1 and thing 2" and the hat sami is pretty awesome!

  4. SO CUTE!!! I especially love Pickle's sandwich!

  5. All of them are so cute, I especially adore your thing1 and thing2 :)

  6. Great round-up of Seuss lunches. Love Beanstalk's lunch in the Planet Box. It looks beautiful.

  7. So cute and awesome, love them all. :)

  8. Above & beyond! What an amazing week of Seuss lunches and snacks!

  9. LOVE them all! The strawberry Thing one and Thing two are awesome!!

  10. I am in awe of the strawberry Thing 1 & Thing 2! You are a bento god Candy Girl!

  11. Wow, Those are all amazing! Plus, I love that you have a picture up of Dr. Seuss! A little girl in my son's class asked today what he looked like and I wish I could have just pulled up your post!


  12. Love 'em! Green apple eggs are genius! *snarl*

  13. I love your lunches. You always have the food arranged just perfect! The colors are great!

  14. Wow! I love the apple idea and your thing 1 and 2 are precious!

  15. So much awesome Suessyness :D

  16. thumbs up !!! soooooo much inspiration and sooooo cute!

  17. All of them are so cute! My favorites are the strawberry Things 1 & 2


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