Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shiny Happy LunchBox :)

Yesterday's lunches. I love the colours in Beanstalk's PlanetBox. Green, orange & red goldfish crackers, green grapes, orange & red blood orange, golden rice cakes, and some green coconut m&m's. Happy colours :)

Bella requested an "I Love You" lunch. I packed her some baby carrots topped with carrot hearts, a peekaboo ham sandwich heart, rice cakes, grapes on heart skewers, and a couple of Hershey's kisses.

I found the perfect Lunchbox Love note  ♥

Pickle had a Mama & Baby Cow PB made with a special Lunch Punch. You can't buy this one, it was part of a cheese promotion in Australia!  I was lucky to have a friend down under send me one  ♥

Birdie had a Nibble Tray. She requested cheddar cheese, grapes, bread & yogurt, and I added baby carrots and mandarin orange segments.

Poor little Bean Sprout, she's still feeling under the weather and didn't have much appetite yesterday. I hope she's feeling up to eating the rainbow butterfly pasta lunch I've got planned for her today!

Stuff I used for today's lunches:
More stuff I used, In My Cupboards :)


  1. I love the carrot hearts, I don't know why I didn't think of it before ;)!! Carrots are Jakob's absolute favorite veggie ;)

  2. lovely as always :) always so colorful and yummy looking - i want them all!

  3. Love the lunches :D Kidlet was peeking over my shoulder and saw Beanstalk's box and now desperately wants one too :P

    1. Could be a good back to school treat for him... middle school this year? It IS a cool lunchbox :)


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