Saturday, March 24, 2012

Springy Sassy Bentos

Busy day today - is there ever a Saturday that isn't?  :) Hasty but tasty Springy kid's choice Sassy box bentos for Sprout & Birdie:

Almost didn't get a pic, and she did already eat one pink bunny-topped grape :)

A bunny hopping over a flower peanut butter sandwiches for Pickle. He was annoyed that I took a picture before letting him eat - he impatiently informed me that my hobby was for school days and my job was to take care of him and feed him, that I needed to get my priorities straight... (He had been watching Hop - he tends to repeat phrases he hears in movies whether he means them or not)...  it made me laugh :)

Bella had lunch at a baking birthday party (which was decorated SO fabulously - multicoloured cupcake liners strung together as garland, for one). I made her a healthy snack to balance out all the sweets, celery with a peanut butter dip cup, and one for each of her sisters too.

Beanstalk has a sore throat and fever. The sproutlets seem to be trading bugs back and forth - hazard of a big family I guess *sigh*. Soup & orange juice for him, when he feels like eating.

Bento of the Week

For the girls' lunches I used Sassy boxes & various bento accessories: Bento Products


  1. Love the lunches ... love your Pickle even more! :)

  2. Love all of the bright colors :)

  3. Such pretty colors and I LOVE those daisy picks!

  4. Very cute. I like the little Sassy boxes and they aren't too expensive!


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