Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blossoms & Bears

I made Sprout & Birdie blossom lunches the other day. I think these are my favourite plate lunches I've made so far! I had the idea to make apple blossoms when I accidentally sliced the apple the wrong way :)

I cut the apple rings with a flower shaped cookie cutter, added grapes to the centres, celery slices for leaves, and used a small vegetable cutter to make carrot flowers. The blossom egg was made with a smallish egg in a star egg mold (they are meant for jumbo eggs). The grilled cheese flower was made by grilling the bottom piece with cheese on it open-faced,  the top piece with the centre cut-out on it's own,  then putting the sandwich together after grilling.

 I love how they turned out, and the little girls loved eating them ✿

They look great on the Healthy Habit plates, and fit the food groups perfectly!

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This Nibble Tray snack should have been part of my Teddy Bear Picnic post, but I forgot to include it. It's so cute I had to share it anyways:

Bumblebee food picks hover over the broccoli woods, while teddy bears made of cheddar cheese, carrot, apple, and chocolate graham cracker wait to be dunked in a blue-coloured plain yogurt pond. Well, maybe not the cheese bears... no, the cheese bears don't want to be dunked in the yogurt...
I'm pretty sure they weren't ;)

Some stuff I used for this lunch & snack:

Links to more stuff I use In My Cupboards


  1. Lovely blossoms and I love your bears and the nibble tray!

  2. The are so gorgeous. What lucky girls they are to have such a sweet looking lunch. My friend emailed me a link to your site. I'm hooked. I liked this so much I pinned it to Pinterest and am now a follower. Thanks for the inspiration. I have two little girls myself who would love these blossoms.

    1. Thank you! I hope your girls love their apple blossoms when you make them :)


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