Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY Cupcake Toppers - Dr. Seuss Birthday!

We had Pickle's birthday party last weekend. I can't share pics from the party since there were other people's children in every shot - but just envision lots of red, turquoise, and yellow balloons hovering above lots of kids painting ceramics. We had his party at Paint Your World, a local ceramic and glass art studio. It was lots of fun!  Oh, I did take an Instagram of the balloons :)

Did I mention it was a surprise party? Yes, Pickle requested a surprise party this year - which was why we had it a week after his birthday, and not at home :) He also requested a Dr. Seuss party. While the birthday package at Paint Your World included cupcakes, they didn't do themes - so I made my own Dr. Seuss themed cupcake toppers! Along with the balloons, and Dr. Seuss paper plates & napkins, it was plenty Seussian.

I'd seen adorable Dr. Seuss cupcake toppers, even printable ones, on Etsy etc, but since I was short on time and funds, I decided to just make them myself, the cheapest way possible. You can't get much cheaper than free! Which was what these ones were, since they used stuff I already had - just paper, food picks (toothpicks would work too) and a printer :)

To make them, I used photos of the party plates (snagged from the stock photos on the party store website) that I printed 16 to a page and cut out. I taped a food pick to the back of a circle printed with one plate design, and glued one of the other plate design over it,  back to back. Easy peasy!

Not perfect, (can you tell I don't own a circle cutter?) but not too shabby!

I ended up using different picks than the ones shown with the supplies, I thought yellow and turquoise would match better - not that it mattered, since the picks didn't show at all once they were stuck in the cupcakes :) 

Thank you Pickle's Grandpa who thought to take a picture of the Cat in the Hat cupcakes before they were handed out!

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  1. wow,great job Cristi, what a cool Dr. Seuss party!
    I can't agree more.. make our own cupcake toppers was easy!


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