Friday, March 23, 2012

Food Adventure Friday + Rainbow Kit Winners!

I'm trying food colouring markers again. So many times I've been making a lunch and thought, "This could be so much cuter if I could use food markers to colour it",  but Pickle just hasn't been keen on me colouring his food. I read this interesting article about colour and appetite - which makes a lot of sense - but I don't think that's the case with him, I think it's more to do with his preference for the familiar - even though his sandwiches are always different, they are alwasy just bread and peanut butter. The last time I coloured on one I used Hershey's syrup, which he loves, and he didn't eat the coloured parts.

I decided to give the food colouring another go with this hopscotch sandwich. I gave Pickle the box to read and explained that the markers had the same stuff in them that is used to colour candy, and it wouldn't change the taste of his sandwich, just make it look more fun. He seemed OK with it this time! And hey, I guess this is a Food Adventure! So I'm linking to Food Adventure Fridays at Teaching Good Eaters :)

Another basic Lock & Lock for Beanstalk. I opted to leave the dishes by the sink and go to bed as soon as I tucked the sproutlets in, so his PlanetBox was not clean. I really ought to pick up a 2nd stainless container for him - he prefers the metal to the plastic these days. Maybe a LunchBots. If anyone has one of those, I'd love to hear your pros and cons. You've seen what I pack him, would you recommend a LunchBots, and if so, which one?

And what's this you see? I almost never buy fruit snacks for their lunches! It's not that I have anything against fruit snacks - I love sweets! If I knew they would eat them as a dessert, after they'd finished their healthy lunch, I'd pack them more often. But I know them, they will eat the gummies first, and I don't want them skipping out on the good stuff because they used up some of their precious 15 minutes of lunch time on the junk food :) 

Anyways, Beanstalk has Sprout to thank for these - she begged me to buy them for him because he likes Phineas & Ferb. How could I say no and squelch her thoughtfulness & generosity? ;) And the chocolate milk...  ok, I'll be honest, I had reached that point of grocery shopping with my little ones where I say "fine, just put it in the cart and let's go". And this was Birdie's choice, but then what do you know, she took a couple of sips, proclaimed it "yut" and asked for white milk. The chocolate milk boxes come in packs of 3 so Beanstalk and Bella got the other 2, surprise treats :)

Bella also has a bagel thins sandwich, with applewood smoked ham, sharp white & yellow cheddar, and red & yellow pepper flowers, and some celery with peanut butter for dipping.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Wait, where is my head? I seriously did almost forget to pick and post winners of the Rainbow Kits from my Giveaway! Yes, Kits, plural - in case you missed the update, I've got 2 to give away now! OK, I'm off to to draw winners right now!

(hum dum dee dum ... some time passes)

We have our winners! Congratulations commenters #48, Sarah F. at Bentoriffic, and #66, Pammy V. - you'll soon be charting rainbows with your little ones! Please contact me or respond to my email within 48 hours to claim your Rainbow Kits! 
To all who didn't win, don't be too sad - I've got a fabulous 15% discount coupon code especially for my readers! (Thank you Today I Ate A Rainbow!)  When you purchase a Rainbow Kit from Today I Ate A Rainbow! enter the code BENTO at checkout to get 15% off! 


  1. Bella's sammie looks sooooooo yummers. Congrats to Pammy & Sarah!

  2. I use Lunchbots container and I really like them a lot. I use the Eco by itself or I will send my son with the duo and the. Ummmm. I forgot the name of it now. I wanna say UNO. The one that is the same size as the duo. Those are my favorites and most used. Then I use the silicone cups and bento baran to separate food. Works great!

  3. I love my lunchbots a lot. They have a new 4 portioned one called the Quad that would work well for what you pack Beanstalk.

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Food Adventure Friday! I actually read this last week but was unable to comment because I was multitasking (nursing) at the same time! I love the way you cater your children's' lunches to their individual needs and I think it's wonderful that you were able to get pickle to take a risk and try something new!


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