Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Lunch Time, Bee Happy!

Part of Bella's lunch today was inspired by yesterday's Today I Ate A Rainbow! blog post, Be Amazed By Bees!  I've always been fascinated by bees, ever since I was a little girl and visited the Nature Park in my hometown, where there was huge hive with one side all glass so we could see the bees at work. They really are quite amazing.

Anyways, the medium section of Bella's EasyLunchbox has the bees in it, as well as a message to Bee Happy, and some grapes :) The small section has a chocolate chip cookie, and the main section has a hearty honey ham & cheese bagelwich and some carrot hearts.   - Oooh, I just learned from Myra of Mommy + Me Lunch Box that today is National Food On A Stick Day! Sweet, that's a swizzle stick those carrots are on :)

I snuck some "bees" into Beanstalk's bento :) He has an organic Clif Kid Z Bar, sliced in half, in between golden popcorn cakes... kind of bee-ish, no? He also has a small orange, a little peanut butter sandwich topped with a cookie J (his initial), and some yogurt raisins. Where are the other "bees"? Look:

The mandarin orange bag is labeled "Bee Sweet"! And the peanut butter in his sandwich (my new favourite brand, Justin's) is the honey variety:) Okay, so that's not another bee - but it's made by them ;)

Pickle has a beehive and bee peanut butter sandwich too :) I was going to embellish his bee with some Hershey's syrup stripes but ran out of time. Probably just as well I didn't add any other flavours to it, I want to see if he'll accept the new peanut butter.

Coincidentally, between the time I read the Today I Ate A Rainbow! bee post and decided to put some bees in the lunches today, Sprout randomly asked to watch Bee Movie, and I came across some adorable bees in Biting the Hand That Feeds You's The Birds And The Bees muffin tin meal!  Might bee some kind of sign... heheh :)

Bento Lunch 

Stuff I used for Bella's lunch:



  1. Oooh love all these fabulous bee friendly lunches :) I wish I was your make the best lunches ever!!!

  2. Anonymous3/28/2012

    Un-BEE-lievable Lunches,as always!

  3. So cute and love the letter picks...I so need to buy some of those!

  4. Anonymous1/09/2014

    so did you name your kid pickle or something

    like what


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