Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Edible Geekery : Lunch for Nerds

Today is March 14. 3.14. Pi Day.
Sailor Boy has pi in his EasyLunchbox:

The symbol for pi, a pie shape, and 3.14 = PI.E cut out of cheddar
Broccoli & swiss quiche, or you could call it broccoli, cheese & egg pie :)
Pickles, Pistachios, and Pineapple too. Happy π day to my favourite nerd!

His lunch was inspired by this cartoon:

Heheh :)

Want to see more Pi Day lunches? 
Bento for Kidlet bakes some Pi: Pi day 2012
Mommy & Me Lunchbox geeks it out Greek-style: Pi Day!
A yummy math lesson from Mamabelly's Lunches With Love: Happy Pi Day!
Diana Rambles about Pi, bento-style: Happy Pi Day!!

I had fun making Pickle's sandwich. It's Lego! 

Simple Lego Sandwich by Bent On @BetterLunches
Late last night I was checking out a new post on my LEGO lunch Box's Facebook Page, and asked myself (in my head) "Hey, why have I not made a Lego sandwich yet?" So I did :) I think he will love it!

This sandwich was so simple to make. They are just rectangular sandwiches, with bread circles stuck on with a spot of peanut butter. I used a tiny circle bento cutter but you could cut a small circle cutter from a dried out marker's cap or an empty lip balm tube... use your imagination :)
● ● ● ● ●
Hard to believe that Monday it seemed nice like Spring, we even planted flowers, then Tuesday it snowed! It's a cold day again today, there are still some icy patches here and there - it's a Thermos lunch kind of day. Bella has spaghettios, Triscuit crackers & cheese.

Beanstalk is home today, he had a temperature at school yesterday and had to be picked up early. He seems fine to me and if he has no fever by lunch today he can go back - if not he can eat it here. He has Triscuit crackers, parmesan goldfish, honey ham roll-ups, and an orange. Vitamin C for whatever ails him :)


  1. Love it! Thanks for linking!

  2. Love that 3.14 backwards spells PIE! Too awesome!

  3. YAY Pi day!! I love that cartoon :D

  4. Great lunches! Love the 3.14 spelled backwards and that lego lunch came out so good!

  5. Where did you find the Hello Kitty thermos? My daughter would love it!

    1. Hello Kitty Thermos Funtainer
      There is an insulated drink holder too but we don't have it. My Bella says her spaghettios are still hot when she opens it at lunch :)

  6. Anonymous1/28/2013

    Where did you find the lego sandwich cutter? Its so cute!

    1. I didn't use a cutter, I did them myself. But you aren't the first or even the fifth to ask, so i think i'll post a How-To :)

  7. Love it! 3.14 = 41.3 (pie) brilliant!

  8. Anonymous6/16/2014

    Love your site just came across it. Can you tell me were you get those Lego lunchboxes?

    1. If it is the Lego Lunchboxes that look like bricks that you are asking about, Lego Lunchbox at


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