Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sassy Bento for Bella

Bella has an exciting day at school today - it's her class's "Museum Opening Day"! And Opening Days need balloons, so there are tomato balloons in her Sassy box bento lunch :) She also has green "rainbow" cauliflower, carrots, rice cakes, and under the Lunchbox Love note, cheese. 

Her class has been learning about ancient Egypt, and as a project they are pretending they are archaeologists. Each student has researched, written about, and made an Egyptian "artifact" to be displayed in their museum. Bella's artifact is the board game Senet. With her Grandpa's help, she made a wooden box with the game board on the lid, and wood & clay game pieces that are stored inside. Bella drew the hieroglyphs herself. We even learned to play the game! She worked hard on it, and I'm proud of her :)


Beanstalk has been coming home with a lot of uneaten food in his lunchbox lately. He hasn't been touching his fresh fruit. He's lost weight too :( So, we are back to the protein shakes and Clif bars for him for the time being - which won't make for a very interesting lunch, but if he's not going to eat much, it needs to be as nutrition-dense as possible. I'm hoping wanting to take his PlanetBox will be incentive for him to finish what I pack for him.


Last night was soooo windy, and the wind was noisy! So noisy it woke the little girls! They were a bit freaked out by it and didn't want to leave me, (and their Daddy is away for a bit) so I let them sleep near me on the couch while I did laundry. I can understand their fear, the wind had blown their trampoline across the yard and onto it's side the day before...

Here's an Instagram snapshot:

I had a point, what was it... right, rather than carry them both upstairs to their beds I just went to sleep on the couch next to them, completely forgetting that I wouldn't hear my alarm from there... 

Of course, we woke late, it was a mad rush getting everyone ready - and somehow I forgot to make Pickle a lunch! We were on our way out the door when he asked me for it too, so I had to run back in and quickly pack his sandwich, apple juice and yogurt. I had no time to think of something cute so I just stamped his name into the top with cookie cutter letters.

And he loved it!

Tomorrow is only a half day, Spring Break begins, yay!


Stuff I used for Bella's bento:


  1. You're amazing mama!

    All the lunches are fab, like always. :)
    Pickle's sammie turned out way cute, especially being in a pinch!

    Hope Beanstalk gets back on the bandwagon too!!

  2. I am loving all the lunches (we are new to Bento). I also have a peanut better sandwich obsessive - it's nice to know I'm not the only one, and also have ideas on so many cute ways to serve it.

    I also wanted to offer a suggestion for the trampoline.
    We had a similar problem last year, but ours actually ended up in the neighbors garden! We went to the garden center and bought 4 25kg bags of builders sand, and lay those over each of the legs.
    Works a treat.


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