Monday, March 12, 2012

Brunch Bunch

Today the girls' lunches are kind of brunchy. Beanstalk's would have been as well if he hadn't spotted me packing the waffle sandwich and vetoed it. Ah well, it didn't go to waste - breakfast for me!

Bella has a cream cheese and strawberries and whole wheat waffle sandwich (open-face for pic), one of my favourites from our MOMables menus. I know she doesn't like strawberries, I'm a mean mama and pretended I forgot. She likes all things strawberry flavoured, I'm sure she'd like the berries themselves if she just gave them a chance! She can always pick them off right? On the side she has apple wedges, celery sticks and my new love, Justin's Maple Almond Butter, for dipping.

Beanstalk's PlanetBox is packed with yogurt (This is new, woohoo! Just got him to try it yesterday!), raisins, yogurt pretzels, half a Clif Kid Z Bar, and apple wedges.Usually his cloth napkin is tucked into a pocket of his lunchbox but since he vetoed the waffle I had an empty space so I wrapped it around his spoon. Can't have an empty space! :)

Pickle has a Pac-Man peanut butter sandwich. The bread dots are stuck to the bottom of the sandwich box with daubs of peanut butter. He has this game on his iPod and was excited to see it as his lunch. The bread had a bit of an air bubble and he insisted I turn it into an eye for Pac-Man :)


Sprout & Birdie have brunchy muffin tin meals of waffle & cream cheese sandwiches, yogurt, sunshine juice, apple, cheese omelet, and strawberries.

Don't think Birdie even noticed all the heart shapes. Cute lunches and mums with cameras can't compete with Pingu & Shaun the Sheep! I know, watching TV while they eat is bad - but how else would I get this post written? :)


Oh, one last thing! Congratulations to Nina of Mamabelly's Lunches With Love, she won my Super Healthy Kids Giveaway! Nina chose the original Healthy Habits plate - maybe we'll see it on her blog!

Some stuff in today's post:

More stuff I used In My Cupboards :)


  1. That pacman lunch is so great! I've never seen anything like that before!

  2. I agree! That PacMan lunch is a piece of Art! Thank you for linking to my blog :) I am so excited to have won and will definitely use it soon :)

  3. So cute! I love that her juice is part of her muffin tin! It looks so nice and neat.

  4. I am new to the bento thing and am enjoying your blog :) Question for you: when you make cute sandwiches, what happens to all of the rest that gets cut off? Do you throw it away?

  5. The maple almond butter looks delish!!

  6. Love them! So colorful and neat, as always!


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