Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainbow Connection: Edible Art!

Thank you to all who linked to the Rainbow Connection last week! I loved seeing all your colourful rainbow creations!  ♥ The post with the most views was Rainbow Pain de Mie by Astrid of Lunches Fit For A Kid. It's pretty amazing :) Thank you for sharing your recipe post Astrid!

The Lunchbox Love rainbow goes to Kat of Obento Momma! Thanks for sharing your rainbow bento Kat! I hope you'll link up again sometime soon - maybe this week? :)

My sproutlets enjoyed doing the Cereal Rainbow Project shared by Praises of a Wife and Mommy. I liked it because it was simple, inexpensive, and not too messy. Some days I just don't feel like giving everybody a bath after a craft :) The little ones had fun sorting cereal colours, counting how many they could fit, and of course they all loved glueing. The older ones were home sick from school too so it gave them something quiet to do. Some of them even snacked on the cereal while they created :)

Bella added a sunshine above and a flower below her rainbow. Birdie did her own thing, no sticking to rainbow order for her - although she did do a bit of an arch :) Sprout added lots of embellishments to the golden sky above her rainbow. And Pickle made his very precisely :)

I was inspired by JDaniel4's Mom's Spinach Hummus Under a Rainbow of Colored Peppers to make a pepper rainbow in Bella's EasyLunchbox:

Under the pepper rainbow, she has a sun-shaped cheese quesadilla. On the side, popcorn clouds and an apple umbrella over some mystic grapes. I didn't plan it, but it turned into a weather themed lunch :)

♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. LOL Love her shirt ;) matches her project!! So cute.

  2. Wow, that bread is amazing!

  3. I love your lunch! You can see your rainbow so much more clearly in your lunch!

  4. I'm so happy that so many people enjoyed my bread! I linked up some rolls I made with the same concept.. Love tasting the rainbow!

  5. Cool shirt and cute project goes so well together, best part it is edible! Love the lunch especially the cute umbrella apple :)

  6. Awesome meme! Thanks for adding it to Link Rink!

  7. That bread is the coolest thing ever!!!

  8. Oh my! Is this just the prettiest page ever? Valerie Melzer from Glittering Muffins just told me about your linky. I linked up a few ideas, but had to hold a few back for next week at the risk of taking over your board. I LOVE rainbows! I'm going to poke around here for a bit! So nice to have found you!

  9. Thanks for asking me to link up, I did the heart and paintings. I also asked some blogging friends to come check you out and link up, hope this helps :)


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