Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome Jack Frost!

This morning I looked out my window to find my neighbourhood shimmering with frost - NOW it feels like winter.  So I made a wintery lunch for Pickle:

Snowflake peanut butter sandwiches, powdered suger donut hole snowballs, and vanilla yogurt.  I don't usually have donut holes, so that was just lucky coincidence; I bought them specially to make a treat.

Bella got a muffin cup meal. I had already made it the night before, otherwise I would have made her something frost-inspired too - but I don't think she'll be disappointed with this :) 

Festive Favourites Christmas Muffin Tin Meal

Mini bell peppers (bells are Christmassy), a snowflake frosted oatmeal muffin (she did get some frost after all),  Christmas tree cheese quesadilla bites (on spinach tortillas), celery and grape tomato holly, and a star cheddar cheese stack. A festive bunch of her favourites!

This is why I got the donut holes. Sweet Snowmen!

Snowman Snacks

I can't take credit for the idea though, I think it was in Family Fun magazine. 

Anyways, I used donut holes for mine instead of mini donuts, carrot slivers instead of candy corn, and bits of licorice instead of frosting - but same idea. I also made Santa hats with strawberries, leftover cookie frosting, and a couple of the oatmeal mini-muffins, and put them together with the snowmen to make a fun & festive snack for my two smallest sproutlets to enjoy after I dragged them around on errands this morning:

Snowman Donut Snacks & Strawberry Santa Hats

Aren't these little Santa hat strawberry topped muffin treats adorable! I saw them done with brownies by Lunchboxes with Love, but since I had muffins made I thought they'd do just as well:

Strawberry Santa Hats

 Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend!

Oooh,  I almost forgot, the reason I decided to make the snowmen donut treats this week! For Read.Explore.Learn.! I've been reading the small sproutlets "Snowmen At Night" by Caralyn & Mark Buehner.

It's such a cute book! The illustrations are lovely, and the kids laugh at the snowman shenanigans. The last verse of the book is the greatest though:

"So if your snowman's grin is crooked,
or he's lost a little height,
you'll know he's just been doing
what snowmen do at night!"

Thank you, Snowmen At Night, for making it easier for me to smooth over the discovery of a snowman not as my children left him :)

There's also some learning fun hidden in the book, secret shapes that have been painted into each scene... like Santa's face in the snow, a T-Rex in the moon... the girls had fun searching for them, and now they race to be the first to point them out when we turn the page :)

Thank you to Pickle's 1st grade teacher Mrs. Nickerson,
he received this book as a Christmas gift from her!

Shibley Smiles


  1. Adorable!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

    I've seen the santa hats and donut snowmen on Pinterest ~ Yours are SO CUTE! :)

  2. Love every one! I have also seen those cute little Santa hats on pinterest :) So simple, so yummy! My girls love those donuts (special treat) so I can't wait to give those a try.

  3. These lunches are so so cute!! I love all the great wintery inspiration :D

  4. I love, Love, LOVE your lunches...especially the donut snowmen!

  5. Those are all so awesome. I can't wait to try them out. We did Snowmen at Christmas last week too and we made a craft stick snowman.
    Now I have a snack to go with our craft!!!

  6. Super cute ideas. Love your frost themed lunch. How fun!

  7. I love your snowflakes! All of the lunches are wonderful! I will have to look for this book for JDaniel!

  8. These are all so cute! The snowflake sandwich is really pretty (never thought I would use "pretty" to describe a sandwich!) and I love the idea of the spinach tortilla quesadilla Christmas trees! I pinned it so that I hopefully won't forget.

  9. The first meal looks so cute and frosty. And the muffin tin meal is great, very festive. I love the stars and the colors and the mini bell peppers. We just had slices of bell peppers to represent bells today. And the donut hole snow men are adorable. Yep, I know what Pinterest is and I will be repinning these shortly. And your santa hats, so cute. Though I don't know if I would even be able to find strawberries in our area.
    I read that book last year. We'll probably do a snowman theme after Christmas and read it again.

  10. I love both of the meals, and the snowmen and Santa hats. I am totally inspired! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Love your frosty eats. Make sure you read the back flap of the book to your kids. It tells why the author decided to write the story. My son loved that a real snowman moved across the yard during the night.

  12. Everything you made is so creative and adorable! Thanks for sharing. I have just joined Pinterest this week and need to jump in and join the addiction.

  13. I LOVE the frost bento! And the Muffin Tin Meal To Go is awesome too! I'm totally pinning this. =)

  14. Thanks everyone! Keitha, I missed that! Pickle took the book to bed with him but I will check for it tomorrow - thanks! :)


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