Monday, December 5, 2011

O Christmas Lunch, O Christmas Lunch

Today's lunch didn't start out Christmassy...

It was a frosty morning, so I had the idea to do a peppery lunch for Bella, a little sweet heat on a chilly day. Bella likes hot - those habanero spiced almonds are a favourite of hers. I also packed a trio of mini peppers, a skewer of grape tomatoes & mini pepperoni slices on a bed of lettuce, cheddar hearts and mozzarella stick slices on a heart pick, and a pepper jack and sharp cheddar tortilla roll-up, squared off and grilled, then sliced.

I don't have a pepper-shaped cookie cutter, so I was going to cut Pickle's peanut butter sandwich with whatever Lunch Punch he chose, but when he came in the room, this conversation took place:

Pickle:"Good morning Mum, what are you doing?"
Me: "Making your sister's lunch."
Pickle: "Are you going to make lunch for me?"
Me: "Of course."
Pickle: "Will it be a peanut butter sandwich?"
Me: "Of course."
Pickle: "Good. Make it creative!"

Of course :)

Hooray,  hooray, give a holiday cheer,  inspiration struck while I was photographing Bella's EasyLunchbox! All that red and green looked so festive, I decided to do a Christmas tree for Pickle! Past attempts have taught me not to do too much to his sandwich or he won't eat it, so it's just peanut butter and bread, with "decorations" cut into the top. It's actually a triple decker sandwich (the cookie cutter wasted so much bread - I used the scraps to make a middle layer, and a mini sandwich star) so it's more filling than it looks. 

For the sides, I stirred few drops of strawberry hershey's syrup into a bit of plain yogurt, sucked it up with a medicine syringe, squirted a swirl on top of the plain, then dragged the tip of a knife through it for an effect I've seen on holiday desserts - it's kind of peppermint candy-ish, don't you think? And instead of an oatmeal cookie I mixed a bit of Cap'n Crunch Christmas Crunch cereal with some Cheerios, for a spot of colour and crunch. I think it came out looking pretty fancy compared to his usual PB with plain yogurt and plain oatmeal cookie... and hopefully creative enough for my little man :)

♪ ♫ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♫♪...


  1. LOVE them both!!! :)

    love the colorful peppery lunch for Bella and love the tree & yogurt for Pickle's lunch!

  2. It cracks me up that she loves spicy stuff! Thats my kind of girl :) Super cute job with the yogurt. I love doing that for the girls with chips, salsa sour cream... making the sour cream the design.

  3. Love it! The two red papers kind of look like a heart (or I'm seeing things, but I really think they do)!

  4. They do! I didn't see it until you mentioned but now it jumps out at me:) One pepper is red and one is orange but they kind of blend together - I was annoyed that there wasn't much contrast between them but now I like it :)


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