Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last School Lunches of the Year!

Wow, Beanstalk let me pack his lunch with a little festive touch today! He still chose what went in it though. Today's the second to last day before the winter break, and they don't take a lunch tomorrow - there will be a classroom party with lots of food - so this is his last school lunch for the year 2011!

Beanstalk's Lock&Lock bento box contains honey ham, raisins, 
Jazz apples, & organic Clif Z Bar white chocolate chip brownie.

Here's Bella's last packed school lunch of the year:

Her EasyLunchbox contains carrots, celery, and cheese bites left over from trying out the FunBites Cube it! She also has a couple of pepper Christmas lights, a cauliflower snowball, cucumber Christmas trees, honey ham, and the last of the leftover wiener bites.  Butter cookies on top of the cheese are supposed to make it look like a little present with a bow... kinda sorta? 

I love Pickle's peanut butter sandwich present! 

It came out just as I pictured :) It's made with regular and white wheat bread, cut into squares and rectangles and arranged with a wheat bow on top (made with a flower cookie cutter).

Half day of school tomorrow, then my sproutlets' Winter Break begins! 
Happy Holidays!


  1. Is that 1st one a lock and lock? I have a lock and lock and always run out of ideas for what to put in it! Love the rolled up lunch meat. Do you put ice packs in the lunch box to keep the meat cold?

  2. Love the Pb&J present! Very clever :) I just did those Christmas Tree cucumbers for the girls too! hehe They were call them tree-cumbers and thought it was the FUNNIEST thing ever :)

  3. love them all :)
    i agree - PB&J present is great!

    love the tree cucumbers (tree-cumbers, lol) - duh! such a great idea.

  4. Angela, yes, it's a Lock & Lock 4 square (3.6L) - the sections are the perfect size for muffin cups if I want to add colour :) I do put an ice pack in with lunch when there is meat - and our lunches are Built neoprene totes and they really do stay cold - sometimes even until after school!

  5. These are great! I love how you always make peanut butter sandwiches in to fun art! The present would be so fun to eat!

  6. hehe... I made your exact lock and lock for my little one for lunch except I used a poptart instead of the brownie. :) Thanks again!

  7. I have been super busy and unable to visit blogs lately. Our kiddos have 2 more days before break. Not sure if I am going to make bentos over break or not.

  8. Hey Candy Girl, what size lock n lock container is that?

    1. It's the 3.6L I added a link to the post, Amazon has a good price right now :)


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