Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's SOMEbody's Birthday...

Peanut butter sandwiches all around today:

For Pickle, I combined the Cake Lunch Punch from the Sweet set with the Fairy Princess from the Sand*wishes* set, and called it a Birthday Fairy. "It's not my birthday!" Pickle reminded me. "I know," I told him, "but it's somebody's birthday, somewhere!" He nodded and was quiet for a moment, then announced "It's my sandwich's birthday!" I love that boy. 

Bella and Birdie had "Ice Cream" Sandwiches. Bella took an apple with hers, and Birdie got half a banana. A nice thing about the Ice Cream Cone Lunch Punch is that it makes two identical cones, so if you only have one small child, or just need a snack size sandwich, you can use it to cut one slice of bread to make half a sandwich. That's what I did for Birdie's. 

After we dropped the other sproutlets at their schools and preschool, Sprout and I attempted shopping again. This time the trip was tantrum-free, and we got some fresh food! And baking goodies! So Sprout had a lunch of scrambled eggs with cheese, and strawberries, and this afternoon we baked fudgy chocolate cookies, then covered them with frosting and sugar sprinkles.  

Just look at all that chocolate and frosting and sugar!

Yeah, sugar! You can practically see them powering up...

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