Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Sandwich Cookies

My mom gave me this cookie embossing set years ago; it works great on sugar cookies. This year I thought, why not try it out on Pickle's sandwiches?

The photo does a poor job of showing how well they came out - it was around 4:30 pm when I made them and the light was dim (shortest day of the year, Happy Solstice!) but with the flash the embossing didn't show up at all. You can still tell they looked super cute :

We couldn't really make out the "Happy Holidays" under the tree, since the bread did spring back a bit (if I'd had some food colouring markers I probably could have highlighted those details... they are on my Christmas wish list though, hint hint Sailor Boy) but even so, Pickle loved his holiday sandwich cookie afternoon snack! 

I love finding fun uses for stuff I already have, and getting closer to my goal of 101 peanut butter sandwiches :)


  1. Oh cool! I have a set of these, only heart shaped for Valentines day...going to give that a try for February. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. They look great! Great job :) The snowman is my fav :)

  3. You know I saw this set in the store the other day and wondered if they would make cute sandwiches! I am glad to see they do! :D

  4. I think they turned out great!!

    I've actually read of other people literally buying new stamps - at Hobby Lobby, Micheals, etc. and using them to imprint sandwiches, cookies, etc rather then spending the $ on the Wilton kits.

    I've often wanted to buy some cute ones and try it!


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