Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sleepless Near Seattle

That's me, so so tired... so Bella's lunch was uninspired. Ooh, a rhyme! :)

Really, my mind is kind of mush from lack of sleep. Sailor Boy is away, and Pickle and Birdie seem to have made it their mission to keep me awake as much of the night as they can, they have a little tag team going. Pickle often has trouble sleeping, lots of kids with autism do - he has a hard time winding down, and we give him melatonin to help, might be time to increase that - but I think it's partly they miss their Dad, and partly them testing me - like maybe this trip I'll cave and let them do whatever they want...

Plus, when my hubby's  away, I have to take the little darlings with me everywhere - so there's no such thing as a quick trip anywhere - so I tend to let the cupboards get very bare before I brave the Commissary with the brood.
I have much admiration for single parents who do this all the time. I am so not good at it, not even temporarily.

So there I was last night, out of ideas, almost out of food, half out of my mind from lack of sleep, staring at the empty EasyLunchbox and nearly empty fridge willing something good to appear in either... and somehow it seemed like a good time to play with my new FunBites... I'll save the details for my upcoming review, but here is what I ended up putting in Bella's lunch box:

Salad! Good thing it's not Pickle's lunch, it's not very creative ;)
The FunBites were fun - I chopped with them - lettuce, chicken & cheese.  In the sides, Roma tomato chunks topped with a grape tomato heart, and mini peppers on a bed of carrot slices. It turned out we had enough little bits of a bunch of things to put together something she'd like. Birdie woke up (again!) as I was making this lunch, and I fell asleep settling her back down (it was around 2:30 AM-ish) so the tomato heart was a morning addition, as was the cheerful cheese heart, and the Lunchbox Love note card:

This morning, slightly refreshed from a few hours of sleep, I was able to come up with something cute for my Pickle, who now demands his sandwiches be creative. Good thing I've got LOTS of Lunch Punches and cookie cutters!

He asked me what it was, I explained what a rebus was, and he got it right away, but asked why there were two hearts. Ummm... because I don't like empty space and wasted bread?  "Because I love you so much one heart is not enough."   He liked it.

I tried to get some groceries today but Sprout had a tantrum and we left the store without purchasing anything - so tomorrows lunch might be peanut butter sandwiches all around!


  1. Aww love them BOTH. :)
    Once again love all the colors! Plus who wouldn't adore an " I love love you" sandwich. ;-)

    You're a super mama ~ hang in there! He'll be home soon. :)

  2. I completely understand. My hubby is gone all week leaving all 4 kids to myself. I rarely take all 4 to run errands with me but sometimes I have to. I love the constant stares and comments. The most used "Boy you have your hands full". And im smiling shaking my head yes while trying to politely continuE my shopping.

  3. Christie1/14/2012

    Hi there, I started making bentos for my kids recently because I have a child with a sensory processing disorder who I put on the GFCF diet. Bentos have made his lunch easier because he rarely wants a sandwich anymore since most gf bread sucks. And now I do them for his brothers too because they are fun, healthy, etc. Just wondering if you have ever tried or considered a gluten free casein free diet for Pickle? Anyway, love your site and your outlook on life. Thanks for all of the great info, tips, etc.


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